Greetings from Outer Space

Greetings from Outer Space

Submitted by: Samantha Thomas
School: Varina ES


Students will extend their knowledge of the planets in our solar system by researching a chosen planet, using a variety of resources including nonfiction books, Discovery Science, encyclopedias, and websites. Students will then create a Comic Life page to present the information that they find.

TIPC Ratings

This lesson is Approaching in Researching and Information Fluency. Students were as a class to decide what their research should include. They must then utilize many resources and tools to research facts and characteristics of their planet, applying search techniques demonstrated by the teacher in order to respond to their class’s questions.

This lesson is Entry in Communication and Collaboration. Students work individually towards a common product using teacher specified guidelines.

This lesson is Approaching in Critical Thinking and Problem Solving. Students use provided questions to guide their research and interpret it to answer some higher order questions. Students use the information they gather to answer the question of why their chosen planet can or cannot support life and must justify their reasoning.

This lesson is Developing in Creativity and Innovation. Students summarize their research findings by creating a Comic Life presentation. They choose the pictures and information to include to depict the subject they are reporting on.

Student Artifact

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  • Student Artifact

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