Such a sad day… but let’s keep hope alive.

We all listened to the Governor today as he informed Virginia that we are not finishing the school year. In that moment you could almost audibly hear the hearts breaking of teachers across the state, and then when students started to realize the impact too (no graduations, no field day, no end of the year goodbyes…) they joined the wave of despair. We will all get through this tough time together (yet, apart), but is has really hit us hard emotionally. My fellow teachers and administrators were heartbroken with tears in our eyes. I think the common response we all said, “I’m just in shock.”

In the weeks to come I will work hard to bring you resources to use in your home both of my own creation and that of the genus of my teaching idols. In the “Links to Resources” I will post excellent ideas from award winning teachers and presenters from across the nation, as well as websites that will inspire you too.

PLEASE stay active. Play EVERY day. Enjoy the great weather when you can, and keep in touch.

Take care. Lots of love to you! And keep your chin up. 🙂

Take a Parent to PE Week!

Wouldn’t it be terrific to come play and learn with your child? Well, come on down and check out what we’re doing in PE Oct 7, 8, and 11th. Prepare to be shocked at how PE has changed for the better in the 21st century!
Exact dates and times are on the green flyer coming home soon via backpack express. Stop by the office and check in with a valid ID first, and dress for exercise because there are no wallflowers in PE. 🙂

What an HONOR! Pump up the B.E.A.T.S.!

Brandon Herwick is our keynote presenter tomorrow night at JMU HPAI, and I have been asked to help as a special guest, along with Dani Almarode and the DancSIRs, Jason Runk, Jamie Wright, Chad Triolet and Stevie Gray!  I am so honored and SUPER EXCITED!!!  I absolutely LOVE THESE PEOPLE!  If our digital conference on Friday was any indication of what’s to come, LOOK OUT!  We’re a tremendous force of awesome!!  See you in the grand ballroom at 6:00!  Don’t be late.  You won’t want to miss a thing. 🙂 


Packing up the car and updating my resource links as I type this.  So excited to see all my wonderful HPE friends and idols tomorrow!!!!  This year I will be presenting a session I haven’t done in about 10 years, but with updated 21st century tricks and digital links… Student Driven Dance.  Learn how to empower your students to create and perform their own dance sequences.  Using easy and fun choreography activities students of all ages can use dance as a means of self expression.  I this day and age, where social/emotional wellness is so important,  choreography is a vital link in giving students empowerment in personal expression… AND IT’S SO MUCH FUN TOO! 🙂

Hope that you will come visit me for one of my sessions.  We’ll be rocking out in the Lower Drum 1:00-1:50 and 2:00-2:50 on Monday.

Thank you #LifeReady Conference!

What a terrific conference with massively talented people.  Such a wonderful two days.  Thank you so much to all the super sportive and enthusiastic participants that attended my Meaningful Movement session.  All the resources that were used are above in the #LifeReady tab.  I hope that you can use at least one or two of the activities that were presented, and please stay in touch!

Fun in the sun!

Now that the weather has changed please make sure that you are prepared.  Better weather = MORE OUTSIDE RECESS!!  YEAAAA!  Please make sure to wear tennis shoes and cooler clothing that you can move in.  High heels and fancy dress is not the best choice for safe play.

While at recess, please make sure to keep those equipment carts organized.  If we all pitch in it becomes an easy job.

Playing outside over the weekends and after school, make sure you wear sunscreen and drink plenty of water.  Doesn’t matter how young or old, boy or girl, tall or short, or whatever you look like, UV light can damage everyone’s skin and cause skin cancer. PLEASE wear sun protection, I care about you. 🙂

Oh what a night!!

What a fantastic night of dancing and fun!  Thank you one and all for being a part of the big event!  I’m always worried that I’ll be dancing alone… boy, that wasn’t the case!  We had a wonderful turnout and I can’t wait to see the pictures.  If this is your first time visiting this blog, welcome! The dances we did are located in the links.  I hope you get a kick out of them.

If you have any video or pictures of your own from last night I would LOVE to have a copy.  Please contact me at