Welcome to KES School Counseling!

K.E.S. School Counseling Program Components:

The school counseling program at Kaechele Elementary includes the following components:

  1. Individual and Group Counseling
  2. Classroom Guidance
  3. Consultation
  4. Coordination


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brochure 2019-20 margins fixed

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Counseling News You Can Use

Welcome back to a new school year. In September my class lessons will focus on understanding and respecting differences. I will be using a variety of books that develop characters who have differences and how they learn to positively accept their differences. The book titles include, Elmer, Odd Velvet, Giraffes Can’t Dance, Calvin Can’t Fly, Dancing in the Wings, and Same Same but Different.

In addition we are welcoming 38 new students to grade levels 1-5. Each year as new students come to Kaechele I help to provide them a student buddy in their class. This year we will continue with our buddy lunches being virtual.  A huge thank you to all our buddies who help make a difference by being kind. Together the group play in getting to know one another games and I share books about friendship. These groups meet once a week for 5 weeks. In October I will start support groups for students who may need help managing their academics or social and emotional growth. Parents may sign students on for a virtual group using these two permission slips. Counseling (GenEd) Consent- DOL  Group Permission 2020-21

I look forward to working with students, parents and teachers. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have concerns about your students. I am happy to help make this the best year possible for all coyotes!!!

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Counseling News You Can Use May 27, 2020

During these “new normal” circumstances of COVID-19 It may seem we as parents are spending more time helping our children solve conflicts and problems in our families. I have designed two activities for students to choose from to help them perhaps solve conflicts with siblings on their own. If you would like to try the spinner or the fortune teller simply download and print. In addition, I am sharing an article that our amazing school psychologist Lisa Frederes recommends for coping with fear and sadness as it pertains to times of a pandemic. Coping with Fear and Sadness During a Pandemic (4.13.20) Please know I am available and feel free to email me should a need arise. fortune teller- conflict resolution  conflict resolution wheel

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Counseling News You can Use May 4, 2020

As we continue in our school closure and the uncertain times of COVID-19 I hope all of our KES community is staying safe and well. The following articles have great information for parents to think about in support of your child. I hope you find them helpful. Please feel free to email me if you should have questions or concerns regarding your child. I am always happy to help. Home & School COVID-19 Issue 1 2020 English  Home & School COVID-19 Issue 2 2020 English

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Counseling News You Can Use-April 1, 2020

KES 2020 Virtual Career Day!

Hi Everyone in recognition of our planned Career Day 2020 I have gathered together many websites for students to enhance their career awareness. I hope you have fun with these. Please email me your thoughts about the sites and what careers you found most interesting!


K-5- Career Town: Virginia Career VIEW

K-5- Lots of great links within this site and includes careers Knowitall.org

K-5- Videos about government careers Videos About Government Careers

K-5- Dairy Council of California- Make a pizza game-

Make a Pizza – My Very Own Pizza Nutrition Game

2-5- Create a comic Make Beliefs Comix

4-5- Allows students to search careers, has videos describing career; best is student uses the “I want to be a…..” column  My Next Move

4-5- Engineering careers for girls EngineerGirl – Homepage

4-5- Promo for automotive engineering and a video of a mechanical engineer’s job

Your Future in Automotive

3-5 Soil Games for kids (must have Adobe Flash Player on your computer)


3-5 Occupational Outlook Handbook Careers listed in occupational groups https://www.bls.gov/ooh/



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Counsleing News you can Use…Week of March 30-April 4

I have been trying to come to terms that I will not see all my amazing students. As you know I feel that all 450 are truly my students. I enjoy our monthly time in classroom lessons. My small group and one on one sessions are the true heart of counseling at Kaechele. The daily orientation of our Watch D.O.G.S. is truly a highlight All of these along with many other joys at Kaechele I will truly miss until next year.

Thinking of our busy parents and the idea of homeschooling your children I thought this was a great resource for parents to view. It has lots of good ideas about schedules for this new way of life in these uncertain times. Children as we all understand really thrive when they can predict what is coming up next especially when things seem uncertain. Please view this if you are looking for a way to add a bit of predictability to help stabilize the “new” change in “school” and other scheduling for at home working and just living life. https://www.today.com/parents/how-homeschool-during-coronavirus-crisis-t176020


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March -April Counseling News You Can Use


March 13, 2020

Dear Kaechele Families:

During this time, many different feelings and thoughts can arise. I want to provide resources to help support you and your families while we are navigating this period away from Kaechele. Here are a few links to resources on how to talk to students about the Coronavirus, how to deal with fear and anxiety, mindfulness strategies, and coping skills.

Managing Fear and Anxiety During Health Pandemic 

Video made for kids about the Coronavirus  and How to talk to your young children about the virus

25 Mindfulness Activities for Kids and Teens

Calming Anxiety – Coping Skills for Kids

Deep Breathing Exercises for Kids

In the event you need access to mental health services, here is the information for Henrico Mental Health Services. Phone Number: 804-727-8515West End Location: 10299 Woodman RoadHenrico, VA 23060

March classroom lessons were on career awareness and exploration. If students would like to explore career Ideas they can visit this site https://www.vaview.vt.edu/  for lots of fun games and information about many careers. I was fortunate to teach a few lessons using this site prior to our school closing and the students enjoyed many aspects of this learning.

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Counseling News You Can Use-February

Happy Random Acts of Kindness Month!! We have several projects to help make the world a better place. Here is a list of our projects.

February 3-28 Donate gently used new or used books

Books will be given to needy Henrico students for summer reading.  Sponsored by KES school counseling and KES community service club.

February 10th-14 Bottle Brigade Collection of Plastics to Recycle

Students will deposit any plastics for recycling in bins at school.  Sponsored by KES school counseling and the World Savers Club.

February 24-28 Change for Children

Donate spare change for Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU. Sponsored KES school counseling and SCA

In addition, I will begin 2nd-semester small group counseling sessions Click here to see a list of groups that are being offered for students. Second Semester 2020 Groups – Copy 2 If you wish to sign permission please print out and sign the permission with the group you are selecting for your student.

I am also seeking presenters for Career Day 2020! This year we will have Career Day April 3rd. If you would like to sign on please select this link to do so We need many presenters all are welcome!!! Thank you for considering this volunteer opportunity! http://goo.gl/i5KqyV

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Counseling News you can Use

We had a great kickoff for our WD program last night. Thank you to everyone for coming out and supporting such a great event and program. I look forward to working with all our volunteer WD this school year. If you were not able to make the event but would like to participate, please contact Jay Jones our “Top” Dog at watchdogs@kespta.com. for more information to sign on.   

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School Counseling News You can Use

During October I will begin 1st-semester support groups for our KES students. Please read the group permission form. If you would like for your child to participate, please download the form and fill in the bottom half. Please submit this to your child’s teacher. I will begin groups the week of October 14th.

1st Semester Group Letter

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School Counseling News you can Use

Welcome back to all students and parents. 2019-20 is going to be an awesome year here at KES. I am looking forward to teaching in all classrooms this year once a month. September’s lesson themes support respecting differences and diversity. In addition,  I will be using our new Standford Harmony social-emotional resources to incorporate buddy up and class meet up opportunities to create inclusive environments within our classrooms.

September small group sessions are one of my favorite times as our new students and mentors share lunch together to celebrate our new coyotes here to KES. I appreciate the time and effort our mentors have invested in helping our new coyotes learn about Kacehele. This year we are fortunate to have approximately 45 new to Kacehele students grades 1-5.

Other News you can use… in grade 5 the application process will begin for next year’s Moody IB program. I will be holding a grade 5 information session for all 5th graders during the week of September 16th and students or parents may check out an application from me beginning September 18th. See this pdf for the details and process of applying to Moody IB program.

2019-2020 IB Time Line MS – REVISED FINAL

2b 2019 Moody Open House

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