Agency In-Service

Agency In-Service

This lesson is for : Grade 8:


Students work in teams to identify a community need and then select a non-profit to partner with to complete a service learning project comprised of three tasks that provide advocacy, indirect, and/or direct support. After developing a potential list of possible service tasks generated from their teams’ strengths and passions, students submit a formal cause proposal to their selected non-profit organization for approval. Once tasks have been finalized, teams navigate through obstacles and barriers as they successfully implement their products. Teams utilize 21st century skills to create task fliers and informational brochures that highlight local, national, and global research related to their issue, the root cause, and the vision and accomplishments of their selected non-profit. Teams also create a one-minute video and a summary presentation to share as school’s PTA program. Finally, students submit their entire process on the Lead2Feed website as a national contest entry.

TIPC Ratings

Research & Information Fluency

Rating: Not Observed – Explanation: Research and Information Fluency: (7-Ideal/Target)
Students must research selected issue as it impacts local, national, and global community. Students must also research 2-3 non-profit agencies to determine the best fit with their team’s vision. Researched information is then shared in an informational brochure that seeks to educate the community and advocate for targeted need.

Communication & Collaboration

Rating: Ideal – Explanation: Communication and Collaboration: (6-Ideal/Target)
Students effectively collaborate on products (google docs, prezi, weebly, instagram) to share details regarding three service tasks, the creation of task advertising, and the products themselves. They develop team roles and designate process and product elements each member is responsible for completing. Teams also collaborate on final presentation for Lead2Feed contest and PTA program.

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

Rating: Not observed – Explanation: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving:(7-Ideal/Target)
Each team encountered authentic barriers throughout the process that required service task plans to be altered or completely changed. Students were faced with legal issues, county policies, vendor restrictions, and communication delays as they attempted to implement their tasks.

Creativity & Innovation

Rating: Ideal – Explanation: Creativity and Innovation: (7-Ideal/Target)
Students evaluated their individual strengths and passions to determine how best to support their Agency team. Through collaboration and innovation, teams chose to host athletic events, hold bake sales, connect with local vendors to provide fundraising opportunities, share talents with disabled youth, create an emotional short film and comprehensive website, and collect supplies from three local schools and our surrounding community. This was an authentic experience for students- they had voice and choice and chose to create products and experiences that were meaningful to their cause.

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