What Shall We Do Tomorrow?

What Shall We Do Tomorrow?

Submitted by: Michael Jones
Collaborators: Michael Price
School: Skipwith Elementary


Students will be placed into small groups to complete a virtual lab found on Discovery Science.  As part of this lab, students are given an opportunity to “create” the weather conditions necessary for an activity of their choosing. Each group will be required to designate which role each group member will play, and continue to work together to find the best scenarios for their activity. Wind direction, temperature, cloud type, barometric pressure, and a weather summary will be recorded for each attempt.

The Initiator’s role will be to choose the outdoor activity for the group. The Controller’s role will be to operate the computer while listening to group input. The Recorder’s role will keep track of their findings, and report them to the instructor at the given time. Three of each group’s findings will be recorded on a Google Doc, and then discussed as a class in order to look for patterns, etc.

As time allows, a second round of the activity above will be completed with the addition of wind speed as a weather factor.

TIPC Ratings

Approaching: Students are applying search techniques and developing questions to guide their research.  They are also using this information to address an authentic task.

Approaching: Students are working in teacher selected groups.  However, they must establish the group role for each member.

Approaching: Students are responding to higher order questions and using digital tools to explore and solve an open-ended authentic task.

Approaching: Students are making predictions and testing these predictions using digital tools.  Studnets are then looking at the data generated from thier lab and using that information to solve an open-ended task.

Student Artifact

Artifacts found in Download File

Download Files


  • What Shall We Wear Lesson Plan
  • Screenshot of Google Spreadsheet
  • Screenshot of Google Form
  • Student Handouts

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