Byrd Theater Project

Byrd Theater Project

Submitted by: Deborah Ross
School: Mills E. Godwin High School


Student teams will research the historical significance of the Byrd Theater at 2908 West Cary Street in Richmond, Virginia. A list of proposed renovations provided by the Byrd Theater Foundation to restore the theater and assist in continuing operations will be categorized and analyzed by the students to determine one renovation to undertake. An estimate of the costs involved in renovating will be calculated by researching materials and labor. A fundraising effort will be designed and presented by the students to raise money for the renovation they believe will restore the theater to its grandeur and ensure operating costs continue to meet expenses. Each team will receive an evaluation and feedback from the General Manger of Byrd Theater in a discussion forum conducted in the classroom.  Students will finalize their project by participating in further reflection through a blogging site.

TIPC Ratings

This is an example of a Target level lesson for Research and Information Fluency.
Students use information and resources to apply knowledge to real-world tasks.
Use a variety of sources to research Byrd Theater and develop a target market.

This is an example of a Target level lesson for Communincation and Collaboration.
Students form collaborative teams, select appropriate technologies to solve real-world problems and create original works, and evaluate their achievements as a team.
Students will function in randomly select teams to research and problem-solve the need for a single renovation at Byrd Theater. Proposals must include a method of raising funds to meet the expenses of the renovation.

This is an example of a Target level lesson for Critical Thinking and Problem Solving.
Students use resources to solve real-world problems and reflect on their product and their processes.
Students will select a renovation they feel is necessary for the Byrd Theater to continue to be a viable business while maintaining the integrity of the building and the historical landmark status. Renovation costs will be estimated using various methods of research.

This is an example of a Target level lesson for Creativity and Innovation.
Students work collaboratively to produce products that offer novel solutions to real-world problems.
Students will determine and present an original method of raising funds for the proposed renovation.

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