KG Update ~10/5

We had a super FUN Friday today!  To end our unit on apples we made homemade applesauce! Each student helped cut up a few apple slices and put them in the slow cooker.  We added some cinnamon, sugar, and let it cook for about 4 hours.  Our classroom smelled delicious!  Most of the class tried the applesauce and enjoyed it.

Yesterday, we went to the book fair preview to check out all the new books.  They took home their “wish list “on Thursday. Check out the book fair hours on the Coyote Courier or on the homework sheet.

There are two important items coming home today in the folder.  First, is the permission form for our field trip to Ashland Berry Farm on 10/26! The cost of the trip is $8 per student.  You can go online to pay OR send in a check made out to KES for $8. The second item is a large cut out of a person. I explained to the class today that we will learn about community helpers next week.  Their only homework for the week will be to transform this cut out into something they want to be when they grow up.  Look for more detailed instructions in the orange folder.

Highlights from the week:

In language arts, we focused on the Hh and Cc sound.  We also learned that non-fiction books have a table of contents and what that means.  The class is continuing to do an amazing job staying on task and working together during their literacy centers. We have started to write more and learning how to s-t-r-e-t-c-h out our words to hear all the sounds.  Next week we will focus on the letters Ll and Kk.

~In math, our focus was on counting sets of 10 and building numbers 1-5.  We played a couple fun hands on games to help us learn this skill as well as showing what we know on paper. Next week we will be learning about describe the location and orientation of things.

~In social studies and science, we learned about the apple like cycle and Johnny Appleseed. We made apples and labeled all the parts, read books, watched a Brain Pop Jr., and of course made apple sauce! We will learn about community helpers next week!

Have a great three day weekend!

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KG Update- 9/28

We made it through September!  It is hard to believe that we have been Kindergarteners for a whole month.  In 4 short weeks they have been able to tackle new responsibilities, make new friends, and take risks.  I look forward to continued success in these areas.

On October 5th, our entire school will participate in Mr. Kaechele Day. We will celebrate by wearing his favorite color (BLUE), lunch choices that day will be his favorite food            (Meatball subs and vanilla ice cream), and at recess his favorite sports game (golf) will be available. One of his daughters will also come read to our class.  Please have your child wear BLUE on Friday!

Highlights from the week:

~In language arts, we focused on the letter Gg and Pp and reviewed the sounds we have already introduced. To help us review we played a class game called, “I Have, Who Has.”  We also had literacy centers and are continuing to work on staying on task during our literacy centers. They improve on this every day!  Today we made our illustration for our poem, “My Family”. Next week our focus will be on the letters Hh and Cc and the difference between fiction and nonfiction!

~In math, our focus was on patterns.  We found patterns everywhere we looked this week!  We even had fun finding them on our clothes.  We watched a BrainPop Jr. about patterns and read some books about patterns. We had fun in our math centers where we practiced AB, ABB, and ABC patterns.  We used unifix cubes, links, pom poms, pattern blocks, and dot markers to help us master our patterns. Next week we will learning how to count sets with no more than 10 objects.

In social studies we introduced the season Fall and how it was different from the other seasons.  We made a T chart to show differences between summer and Autumn, painted a Fall tree using water colors, and read many books.  We also learned about how some books are to inform us and how some are to entertain. We had a great discussion on what clues we can find in the books to help us figure it out.  We will continue with Fall next week with the focus being on apples and Johnny Appleseed.

Have a great weekend!

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KG Update- 9/21

Thanks to everyone who came out to Back to School night last night!  I enjoyed sharing all the fun we have in Kindergarten! If you were unable to make it, I sent home materials we covered today in the orange folder.

Coming home Monday will be information about Young Scientist classes and how to pay online. KES is moving to an online paying system to pay for all field trips and school related activities.

From Mrs. Patterson

PEACE DAY Homework:  #KES Stands for Peace
On Friday, 9/21/18, our school celebrated International Peace Day by participating in a school wide assembly and recognized ways to be peaceful.  When we find our own sense of peace, then we can share it with others.  At KES we show our support for peace by being kind,  loving, compassionate, and empathetic with each other.  Each KES student will receive a copy of a picture of our entire school in the shape of a heart.  Students were challenged by Mrs. Patterson to support peace in our school and community by sharing this picture with an individual person, a group of people or perhaps in a local community organization.  Students can write a note on the heart, color a picture, or just post the picture somewhere.  The purpose of this activity is to encourage our students to think about ways to share peace within their community and to also advertise that KES students promote peace.    We look forward to hearing how KES hearts have made a difference in our community.

Highlights from the week:

~In language arts, we focused on the letters Nn and Tt.  We did many activities that supported us mastering the sound and writing both uppercase and lowercase letters correctly. We also finished our color unit today!   This week we made our own Brown Bear class book titled Students, Students What Do You See?  Be on the lookout for it coming home soon!  Please remember to return the class books as soon as possible.  We have many excited friends that would like the chance to take them home. Today we worked on following directions and staying on task in our literacy centers.  They did a great job today and we will continue to work on these skills. Next week we will focus on the letters Gg and Pp.

~In math, our focus was on classification and sorting items based on their attributes.  This unit lends us to many hands on and interactive activities.  We sorted various items around the class room based on different types of classifications (size, shape, color, etc.). Students also had to figure out how they were sorted when I put them into groups. The hardest one to guess was friends with shorts and friends with pants. Next week we will be learning about patterns.

~In social studies we learned about patriotism.  We learned that the President is the leader of our country and found the White House on Google Earth.  To our surprise we were able to get into the White House and tour some of the rooms!  Very cool!  We also discussed what our flag stands for, the colors, and why it has 50 stars. Today we practiced saying the pledge of allegiance and discussed why we say in every morning in class.  Next week, we will begin our science unit on the fall season!

Have a great weekend!

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KG Update- 9/13

We almost made it through a full week!  We are quickly learning new routines and classroom procedures.  I am impressed at how many of the students are already meeting classroom expectations and following rules.  We will continue to work on this every day. 🙂

Highlights from the week:

In language arts we continue to focus on the letters of the alphabet. We read Chicka, Chicka, Boom, Boom and made our own coconut tree. We added as many letters as we could to our own tree. We also read MANY books about different colors and did fun activities with each color. Each student is creating their own Brown Bear, Brown Bear book with all the colors. We learned about the sound the letters S and R make and how to write them. We even made own snake. Next week, we will finish up our color unit and focus on the letters T and N.

~In math, we finished our shape unit. Students made very cute “shape monsters” and used a glyph to guide them in constructing theirs.  We also had math centers for the first time! We learned how to work in a group and discussed the importance of staying on task.  Next week, we will be focusing on sorting and classifying objects based on their attributes.

In social studies we continued to talk about how to be a good citizen and leader in our class.  We have been practicing what it looks like to be a good listener and why it is important to follow class rules. I really enjoyed listening to each of the students talk about the items in their sack and why they brought them. Many students realized they have a lot in common with many classmates! Next week, we will learn concepts involving patriotism.  Specifically, we will learn about our flag, the pledge of allegiance, and that the leader of our country is the President.

Have a great weekend!

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KG Update- 9/7

We made it!  This first week was filled with meeting new friends, learning how to be in the “big” school, and making some memories.  I am in love with this class already. I can tell I am going to have a lot of fun with this group! Every Friday I will be posting a class update with highlights of exciting things happening in our class.

A big thank you to everyone who sent items in from the class wish list.  I appreciate your support and we will use it all!

Highlights from the week:

~We looked for a gingerbread man that was loose in the school.  Unfortunately, we never found him, but we were able to get a great tour of the school!

~We discussed how to make good choices in school and gave many examples of what a leader does in class.  We read books about being a good citizen, which launched some great class discussions. We even watched a very funny video of Minions following classroom rules.

~In Language Arts, we started discussing the letters and the sounds they make.  We sang songs, read books, and used the letters in our name to explore the ABC’s.  What a smart class I have! We discussed the difference between uppercase and lowercase letters and how to write our name the Kindergarten way!

In math, we started our unit on shapes.  We learned about a circle, rectangle, triangle, and square. We discussed different ways to describe them and learned the following words: sides, corners, and vertex. We also described how they are alike and different. We created pictures with shapes and learned it keeps their shape even if you turn it in another direction.  Finally, we made a class graph about how many boys and girls are in the class…the boys won!

~Today we went to our first music class with Mr. Krauss, met with our book buddies from Mrs. Terry’s 5th grade class, AND visited Mrs. Sulzer in the Library to check out our 1st books!  The class was very excited to go home and share their books with you!

Here is our weekly resource schedule:


Monday- Library

Wednesday- PE

Thursday- Art (8:50-9:20)

Friday- Music

Upcoming dates and reminders:

~Please check your child’s orange folder every night and return it the next day.  Today we sent home the Kindergarten newsletter/homework packet.  We send it home on Friday in case you would like to work on it during the weekend. We also sent home a composition notebook that will serve as your child’s homework notebook and their poetry notebook.  We will put a new poem each week. All written work should be completed in this notebook.

~We will begin colors next week.  Each day we will do different activities with that color.  We are encouraging the students to wear the color of the day to school. Mondays color is brown. The rest of the color days can be found on the sheet that was sent home today.

~Please send in your Getting to Know You sheet (with picture) if you haven’t already. 🙂

~9/19- Half day- dismissal at 11:05

~9/13 at 6:30 is Back to School Night. Hope you can make it!


Have a great weekend!

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