Four-Year Course Outline

Advance College Academy
Highland Springs High School
Four-Year Course Outline

9th Grade

10th Grade

11th Grade

12th Grade

Honors English 9 Honors English 10 Reynolds English 111 & 112*(AP English 11) Reynolds English 241 & 242*(AP English 12)
Honors Biology Honors Chemistry Physics or AP Chemistry or
AP Environmental Science
Reynolds Biology 101 & 102*
Honors World History II AP European History Reynolds Math 163 & 270* Reynolds Economics 201 & 202*
Honors Algebra II or Honors Geometry Honors Algebra II or Honors Math Analysis Reynolds History 121 & 122*
(AP VA/US History)
Reynolds Bio 101/ 102 Lab
Health & PE Health & PE Reynolds ITE 115 and 140*
(Microsoft IT Academy)
Reynolds Political Science 211 & 212*
(AP Government)
World Language World Language HCPS Leadership Elective (sem 1) & Reynolds Business 100* (sem. 2) Reynolds Accounting 211 & 212*
(Accounting I)
HCPS Elective HCPS Elective HCPS Elective HCPS Elective
Online Economics and Personal Finance

*Curriculum is subject to change.  Courses identified with an asterisk are Reynolds courses that will meet the requirements of an advanced studies high school diploma.  

MTH 163/270 may be scheduled during 12th grade based on teacher recommendations.

Additional Requirements:  

  • SDV 100/ HLT 115 College Success Skills & Personal and Community Health to be taken at Reynolds during in the summer prior to Grade 11
  • Students must successfully complete Algebra I and maintain a 3.0 GPA when applying. It is recommended that students complete World History I prior to enrolling in the academy.

  • 3 years of one world language or 2 years, each, of two world languages is required for graduation from high school.