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National School Library Program of the Year

The HCPS School Librarians are the recipients of the 2011 National School Library Program of the Year, awarded by the American Association of School Libraries.

NAco Award

We were honored with the NAco Award for our work with the “Spreading Goodwill to Support Literacy” program, our partnership with Goodwill Industries to build classroom libraries.

Chris Corallo Distinguished Leadership Award

Congratulations to Kristen Cross, librarian at Crestview Elementary School who is the 2019 recipient of the Chris Corallo Distinguished Leadership Award! 

Congratulations to Ellyn Brancato, librarian at Twin Hickory Elementary School, who is featured as one of Henrico’s Top Teachers in the Henrico Citizen! 

HCPS Teachers of the Year

When you walk into the library, learning is transformed.  In 2019, some of our librarians were honored for their passion and expertise as teachers for all the students they serve.
Mary Sam Abernathy – Chamberlayne ES, Lindsay Kingoff – Short Pump ES, Janet Driver – Montrose ES, and “New Teacher of the Year” Hilary Ramp – Adams ES

National Board Certified Teachers

Each year, librarians accept the challenge to grow professionally by becoming National Board Certified Teachers.  We are proud of all 11 librarians who have accomplished this prestigious certification, including this year’s newest NBCT, Karen Stein – Ratcliffe ES, Scott Mewborn – Glen Allen HS, Michelle Grubbs – Short Pump MS and Laurie Kaplan – Freeman HS (renewed) 

Conference Presentations

VAASL Conference:

Kristen Cross, Nancy Essid and Karen Stein “Eggs-tradinary Libraries”

Brooke Adams and Anna Lingerfelt “Virginia Readers’ Choice programs”

Katie Kier “You get a lesson! You get a lesson! You get a lesson! Everyone gets a lesson!”

Diving Into Deeper Learning Conference: August 2018

Amy Coward – Greenwood ES “Mapping Stories with Ozbots” 

Brooke Adams and Anna Lingerfelt – “Clever Databases at the ES Level”


Calypso Gilstrap – Tuckahoe MS – School Library Connection, Dec. 2018: “Glad you GAME to the library today: Using games in the library to teach and assess 21st century skills.”

Feature Article from Knowledge Quest: Journal of the American Association of School Librarians, May/June 2019: “The Start of Something New: A Relationship Between the AASL Standards Framework for Learners and  IB Approaches to Learning”

Brooke Davis – Godwin – School Library Connection, Sept. 2017: “Mindfulness in the Library.”


HEF Grants
Shannon Hyman -Library Services: Professional Learning –  Mini-Grant $6,538
Jill Tinsley – Skipwith ES: “Read Around the World” Building a multi-cultural book collection and a school visit from Amy’s Travel author Kathryn Starke $1,977
Amy Coward – Greenwood ES: “MakerSpace” $5,000
Pocahontas MS: MakerSpace
Springfield Park ES: AudioBooks $2,000  
Pocahontas MS: MakerSpace $8840

Since 2014, HEF has funded over 30 Library Projects totaling $172,609 


Amy Coward – Greenwood ES “Game Changer Grant” – provided alternative seating in the Library Commons  

More Grants!

Outside Grants
Margaret Marquis – Tuckahoe MS – Publix Reading Grant
Brooke Adams – Pinchbeck – PTA Graphic Novel Grant
Deanna Hamlin – Carver – PTA $2,500 Makerspace & art collaboration
Staci Smith – Glen Lea – Laura Bush Foundation $7,000 reading
Janet Driver – Montrose – Sandston Rotary Club
Kendall Dunaway & Liz Turner – Moody – Lowes Toolbox for Education for collaborative space
Amy Young – Arthur Ashe – Melania Trump National Read a Book Day books

Donor’s Choose 
Karen Stein – Ratcliffe ES “Please take a seat: alternative seating options for the library”, Amy Coward – Greenwood ES “Breakout Boxes”,  Anna Lingerfelt – Davis ES “Spheros-Robotics and Coding”, Lollie George – Holman MS “Historical Fiction Books”, Liz Turner – Moody MS “Making it Meaningful with Math”, Kendall Dunaway – Moody MS “Library Breakout!” and “Making IT! In the Library: MakerSpace Items” and “Getting Series-Us” (completing series sets)


HCPS School Librarians of the Year

Deanna Hamlin, Carver Elementary

Katie Kier, Wilder Middle

We are so proud to announce the winners of our very first district award, created to recognize the full body of work of each librarian, not just their accomplishments for that year.  Nominated and selected by their peers, and supported by their colleagues and administrators, these librarians are amazing models of collaboration and innovation who  transform learning and grow lifelong readers! 

Mr. Armbruster, Deanna Hamlin and Mrs. Hyman
Dr. Champ, Katie Kier and Mrs. Hyman

Our Library Assistants

Our library assistants are the key to our success! Whether it’s checking out books, helping our learners find exactly what they need, processing orders, shelving, or triaging damaged books in the book hospital, our assistants support all we do and make everyone feel welcome.


HCPS Library Services LOGO


Adams ES

image of Amy Young

Amy Young

Arthur Ashe ES

image of Mary Yerby

Mary Yerby

Baker ES

image of Deanna Hamlin

Deanna Hamlin

Carver ES

image of Mary Sam Abernathy

Mary Sam Abernathy

Chamberlayne ES

image of Rachel LeClair

Rachel LeClair

Colonial Trail ES

image of Kristen Cross

Kristen Cross

Crestview ES

image of Jennifer Karluk

Jennifer Karluk

Dumbarton ES

HCPS Library Services LOGO

Megan Bernadino

Donahoe ES

HCPS Library Services LOGO

Emma McCullough

Echo Lake ES

image of Hilary Ramp

Hilary Ramp

Fair Oaks ES

image of Mary Hedrick

Mary Hedrick

Gayton ES

Image of Theresa Harris

Theresa Harris, NBCT

Glen Allen ES

image of Staci Smith

Staci Smith

Glen Lea ES

image of Amy Coward

Amy Coward

Greenwood ES

Image of Terry Hill

Terry Hill

Harvie ES

image of Lisa Banton

Lisa Banton

Achievable Dream Academy at
Highland Springs ES

image of Debbie Teague

Debbie Teague

Holladay ES

Image of Lisa Scott

Lisa Scott

Johnson ES

image of Christina Sulzer

Christina Sulzer

Kaechele ES

HCPS Library Services LOGO

Taylor Winslow

Laburnum ES

image of Tonya Moore

Tonya Moore

Lakeside ES

image of Blair Hart

Blair Hart

Longan ES

image of Nancy Halley

Nancy Hally

Longdale ES

image of Mary Beth Utley

Mary Beth Utley

Maybeury ES

image of Deanna Pollard

Deanna Pollard

Mehfoud ES

image of Janet Driver

Janet Driver

Montrose ES

image of Sara Young

Sara Young

Nuckols Farm ES

image of Valerie Bennett

Valerie Bennett

Pemberton ES

image of Brooke Adams

Brooke Adams

Pinchbeck ES

image of Karen Stein

Karen Stein, NBCT

Ratcliffe ES

image of Nancy Essid

Nancy Essid

Ridge ES

image of Kathleen Roberts

Kathleen Roberts

River's Edge ES

image of Margo Williams

Margo Williams

Sandston ES

image of Valerie Gross

Valerie Gross

Seven Pines ES

image of Lisa Blouch

Lisa Blouch

Shady Grove ES

image of Lindsay Kingoff

Lindsay Kingoff

Short Pump ES

Image of Jill Tinsley

Jill Tinsley

Skipwith ES

Laura Shifflett

Springfield Park ES

image of Nancy Lohr

Nancy Lohr

Three Chopt ES

image of Dominique Cline

Dominique Cline

Trevvett ES

image of Ellyn Brancato

Ellyn Brancato

Twin Hickory ES

HCPS Library Services LOGO

Melanie Parker

Floater Librarian serving Colonial Trail, Laburnum, Rivers Edge, Shady Grove, and Tuckahoe ES


image of Letitia Coffin

Letitia Coffin

Brookland MS

image of Chad Kroll

Chad Kroll

Brookland MS

HCPS Library Services LOGO

Joe Harrell

Elko MS

image of Sue Harner

Sue Harner

Fairfield MS

image of Megan Walker

Megan Walker

Pocahontas MS

image of Maria Wright

Maria Wright

Hungary Creek MS

image of Janis Jones

Janis Jones

Quioccasin MS

image of Angie Smith

Angie Smith

Quioccasin MS

image of Liz Turner

Liz Turner

Moody MS

image of Diane Chess

Diane Chess

Rolfe MS


Image of Lori Lopez

Lorie Lopez

Deep Run HS

image of Hattie B. Smart

Hattie Smart, NBCT

Deep Run HS

image of Rosemary Wheeler

Rosemary Wheeler

Freeman HS

image of Rebecca Hardin

Rebecca Hardin

Glen Allen HS

image of Brooke Davis

Brooke Davis

Godwin HS

image of Alice Anne Ellis

Alice Anne Ellis

Henrico HS

image of Adrienne Coffey

Adrienne Coffey

Highland Springs HS

image of Carol Glatt

Carol Glatt

Varina HS

Kim Sarfo-Kantanka

Highland Springs HS

image of Candace Spencer

Candace Spencer

Varina HS

image of Sarah Honaker

Sarah Honaker

The Academy at Virginia Randolph

image of Alison Timm

Alison Timm

Hermitage HS

image of Kim Morrison

Kim Morrison

Tucker HS


Shannon Hyman

Shannon Hyman

Educational Specialist, Library Services
Program/Instructional support & technical services administration

HCPS Library Services LOGO

Amanda Allgood

Head Cataloger, Library Services Original & Copy Cataloging, Catalog Support, Inventories, Book Review Center

picture of Mary Beth Gunter-Joyner

Mary Beth Joyner

Systems Specialist, Library Services
Library automation, policies and procedures, databases,
and SIRSI Help Desk.

HCPS Library Services LOGO

Sarah Drye

Library Assistant/Cataloging,
Library Services
Copy cataloging

image of Mona Staudenmeyer

Mona Staudenmayer

Account Clerk, Library Services
Financial duties and supply orders

HCPS Library Services LOGO

Felicia Vann

Library Assistant/Acquisitions,
Library Services
ACE at Hermitage & HSHS Materials orders for Lo-Z & ACE at Hermitage & HS, media booking for schools Lo-Z & ACE at Hermitage & HSHS

image of Quita Joly

Quita Joly

Secretary, Library Services
Secretarial duties, advisory, and information

HCPS Library Services LOGO

Richard Thompson

Library Assistant/Acquisitions,
Library Services
Materials orders for A-La schools, media booking for schools A-La, Book Review

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