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Henrico County Public School librarians empower students to Think, Create, Share, and Grow in the school library as they learn to harness curiosity, model responsibility, inspire exploration, promote creativity, and deepen understanding. School libraries create equity and prepare all learners for college, career, and life. Take a closer look by clicking on each of the icons above to learn about our Shared Foundations, as well as the button below to learn about our Common Beliefs.

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School librarians have the unique opportunity to impact instruction in every content area and every grade level in our schools. We’ve got our eyes on the forest, not just our own tree.

Our HCPS School Library Instructional Framework aligns the AASL National School Library Standards for Learners with the Henrico Learner Profile.

Collaborative and stand-alone lesson planning are driven by our HCPS Strategic Plan and the  Virginia Standards of Learning.

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School library experiences prepare students to think, create, share,
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Picture of Cindy Patterson

Cindy Patterson, Principal

"Libraries are the heart of the school where all students have the opportunity to express themselves through a variety of avenues. It is in this space that students are able to combine skills taught within their classroom with literacy skills garnered from a library program to participate in authentic learning experiences. As a result, school libraries are an integral part in laying an academic foundation that support students in their growth and development into productive and well-rounded citizens." -Kaechele Elementary

image of Sarah Henderson

Sarah Henderson, volunteer

"School libraries are crucial components of our children’s’ education at every level. From the budding readers in the elementary schools who view each book like an entirely new adventure, to the high school students who prepare themselves to enter college and the workforce, libraries are a wealth of knowledge, new experiences, and supportive environments. The students and staff who make libraries successful have the unique ability to touch every students’ academic life."

student in library

Nyla, SCA President

"The very first time I had an English book report in middle school, I wasn’t very confident with my book selections. Then one of the librarians at my school took the initiative and made sure I didn’t leave without a good book to ace the report. That’s when I knew the library was going to be a main part of my middle school adventures." -Quioccasin Middle

image of Jennifer Holland

Jennifer Holland, author

“School libraries are quiet havens and adventure parks and exotic gardens all rolled into one. As a life-long lover of words and stories, I remember my school library as a wonderful friend, always with something new to share. Few things in life hold more promise than stacks of books you haven't yet read!” -New York Times Best-Selling Author and National Geographic Contributor

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Vivian A., parent

"School libraries are essential to help provide a relaxing community for students inside school. Without them, students wouldn’t be able to expand their creative imagination to the farthest it can be." -Quioccasin Middle

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Ashley W., teacher

"School libraries are one of the first places that students fall in love with reading. Statistics show that just access to books has an impact on reading levels. The impact is immeasurable; it’s a true necessity for all staff and students to have access to quality school libraries and librarians." -Varina High

Tara B., parent

“Over the many years that my children have been in school, I’ve been able to see how children light up when they walk into the door. It really does help spark your curiosity and interest and gives them confidence as they read a new book.” -Mehfoud Elementary

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Vicki S., parent

“I just wanted to take a moment as school is finishing up to thank you for all of the great content you have been posting on Schoology over the past few months. It has been varied, interesting and very helpful. I’m sure it took a lot of work to pull it together so consistently. I wanted you to know that I, and I’m sure many others, appreciate it!” -Quioccasin

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Ashley H., student

"Thank you so much! Also thank you so much for creating and organizing all the ways to reach out to the community! You have inspired so many people to want to do great things! I know everyone really appreciates it!" -Freeman High

Image of students in library

Payton B., student

“Having a library means that kids are able to go places that they’ve never been able to go to before. They can go through the jungle, or through the tundra on a magical quest to save the universe. Having a library also means that kids are able to find books that will help them with projects. History books on the Civil War or the revolutionary war. Having a library also means that kids can use their brain through reading to help them grow smarter and having a library makes all of that possible.” -Mehfoud Elementary

student in library

Peter, student

"Working in my school’s library has helped me break out of my shell and learn to communicate with peers and school staff I do not know. Our library is special because it is a place for everyone to use to find the resources to succeed in school. Our library also has activities that students can do while they interact and take a break from class, such as the LEGO table." -Quioccasin Middle

image of student

Carter A., student

“When I go to the library, I check out good books such as, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, 39 Clues and other great chapter books. What I love about the librarian is that she is a nice, friendly and the best librarian in the world! She always loves to help kids out if they have problems finding books. She is always giving suggestions on books according to their age and grade.” -Kaechele Elementary

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Fifth Grade Student

"I love the library! It’s calming and I know I’ll find a good book." -Tuckahoe Elementary

Students working in library

Amber Fugate, teacher

"Our library (and especially our librarian, Mrs. Pollard) is an integral part of us running a successful classroom. Because of our ability to do research and collaborate in the library, I am able to integrate 21st century skills and my students gain a richer understanding of the subjects they are studying. Mrs. Pollard is exceedingly kind and caring and the students and teachers feel comfortable talking to her and asking her for help." -Mehfoud Elementary

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Amy A., PTA board member and parent

"Libraries teach teens important life skills. They encourage the discovery of books based on their interest - which fosters reading for enjoyment. They also provide tutoring, homework help programs, and summer reading programs to boost students’ academic performance." -Quioccasin Middle

image of Ryan Stein

Ryan Stein, Principal

“A collaborative and engaging library program is the gateway to forward thinking and deeper learning adventures. Librarians bring curriculum alive through technology integration, rigor, relevance, and fun as they prepare our students for the real world.” -Greenwood Elementary

Image of bulletin board

Cyndi Hudson, ECSE Teacher

“As a Mehfoud staff member and an Early Childhood Special Education Teacher I love our library and feel the library programs are very important for our staff, students and families! We are fortunate that Mrs. Pollard finds time in her busy schedule to provide a brief story time for our preschool classes. Our children always look forward to our weekly visits and are very proud when they choose a book – even if it is the same book week after week! The resources provided to teachers for classroom use are important for expanding the knowledge of the children and I look forward to the items the library staff chooses for me for each unit. Finally, the yearly celebration of Dr. Seuss has become a highlight for students, staff and volunteers with fun learning stations accessible to all students. Thank you for this opportunity to share my thoughts about our library and staff.” -Mehfoud Elementary

Image of student holding a book

Sammi W., 1st Grader

"The library is great! You can read and have fun!" -Mehfoud Elementary

Laura Owen, parent volunteer

"Deep Run High library is the literal and figurative heart of the school. Whether you are participating in an innovative and fun break out session designed by the librarians, meeting your friends to hang out before school, looking for a quiet place to study during lunch, or actually getting a book (yes! high schoolers do read for fun!), you will constantly find yourself gravitating to the library. I had the very good fortune to work there last year and this year I find myself going back to volunteer because I missed it so much!" -Deep Run High

student image

Madeleine A., student

“When I walk into the library, I can always find a great book that speaks to me and feels me with joy. I love the fact that I can play games and relax with my friends or read a book on the exerciser. The library is a great place to make new friends and just BE." -Kaechele Elementary

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Sarah B., high school teacher

"This year I did an independent novel study with my 12th grade students. The library was able to gather novels for me at various levels about topics that were a high interest to my students. It was so rewarding to see the students truly enjoying the books that they were reading." -Varina High

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Amy D., middle school parent

"School libraries are essential for every student’s success. They help students expand their creativity, writing skills, and reading skills. Also, the school library is available for every student to use so every student can get books at school." -Quioccasin Middle

Image of family at the library

Nikki Wray, parent and volunteer

"The library at Mehfoud is such a great space for the kids. There are so many books for the children to enjoy! My kids love the birthday club - they loved finding their names in the books! Mrs. Pollard does a great job of recognizing each child and providing library lessons that are fun, motivating and age appropriate! Both my pre-schooler and 1st grader look forward every week to their library fun!" -Mehfoud Elementary

Image of Stephanie Anderson

Stephanie Anderson, parent and teacher

“As a parent, I love the library because my kids light up when they are in such a welcoming environment. I know they will find multiple options of up to date books to fall in love with. Our librarian is excited to see them and knows what interests them both. She is constantly engaged and shares the love of reading with my children. I know she has planted a seed for the love of a good book within them. As a teacher, I feel that the school library is the heart of our school community. It drives and supports the mission of the school and really supports the core values of its teachers. It is a place where students may relax, fall in love with a new author; share good books with others; fosters the imagination of all students and teachers." -Kaechele Elementary

image of Paula Roop

Paula Roop, Henrico Education Foundation

"HEF is proud to support Henrico’s K-12 libraries through our innovative grants. Librarians across the district are on the cutting edge of instruction—creating state-of-the-art STEM Maker spaces, pioneering mobile technology carts for classroom instruction, assisting teachers in designing 21st century research projects and engaging all students in dynamic and relevant literacy programs. We love HCPS libraries!"

Image of Maureen Harris holding a book

Maureen Harris, Associate Principal

"The school library has always been one of my favorite places. I love to see our students enjoying the library and exploring new adventures. Libraries are the heart of the school and vital to all of the learning that goes on daily." -Gayton Elementary

Image of students working in the library

Amanda Schneck, 1st Grade Teacher

“At the moment that we persuade a child, any child, to cross that threshold, that magic threshold, into a library, we change their lives forever, for the better. It’s an enormous force for good.” – Barack Obama “When you walk into Mehfoud’s library, your body immediately transforms into a state of mindfulness and an overwhelming sense of serenity overcomes you. The environment is calm, clean, organized, inviting and warm. The question is: What makes Mehfoud’s library so special? The answer is simple: Mrs. Pollard! Mrs. Pollard is amazing! She encourages the joy of reading for all students. Students need multiple influences for reading and Mrs. Pollard gladly accepts that role. She supports students in finding books of interest, good fit books and if she doesn’t have it- she will get it! My students beg to go to the library. During Reading rotations, that is always their first choice. Mrs. Pollard’s job does not stop with students. She positively influences reading among the school. She collaborates with teachers weekly to make connections between classroom and library instruction. She collects interesting reading materials to support classroom instruction. I can go to Mrs. Pollard and say, “I need that book about a boy and his dog…” and she knows exactly what book I am talking about and where to find it. She supports classroom novel studies, Daily 5 implementation and Mindup. I can’t say enough amazing things about Mehfoud’s library and Mrs. Pollard. We just love it and her!” -Mrs. Schneck’s Class, Mehfoud Elementary

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Kristin Tetterton, parent volunteer

"Carver Elementary School's Library program has been essential to my children's growth and development during the elementary years. I have had the privilege of volunteering in the library on many levels: book fair, morning announcements, book check-out, library stations, etc., and I loved every minute of it! Our librarian, Deanna Hamlin, encourages and teaches students not only the importance (and fun!) of reading books, but teaches how to choose books, where to find the right books, and how stories can literally jump off of the page and be combined with math, art, engineering, and drama. Her Maker's Space has been a huge success as students have grown their creativity, problem solving skills, and tried a new hobby. The library is a crucial part of the school's program and provides a place for all students and their learning styles!" -Carver Elementary

Image of students in the library

Stacie Carlisle, Principal

“Mrs. Pollard makes the library at Mehfoud a magical place that lets imaginations soar. It is such a warm and inviting environment that encourages our students to find the perfect story and read, read, read. Throughout the day Mrs. Pollard can also be found in our story well integrating technology and great children’s literature. Students participate in interactive stations that connect with the learning that is taking place in their classrooms. Mrs. Pollard also makes sure that students have a variety of fiction and non-fiction literature that support the standards in their classrooms as well. Seusstacular is a magical day that the students look forward to each year. Seuss characters are on the loose in the entire building and the library becomes an interactive ode to Dr. Seuss and his many stories. Students participate in technology, art, academics, movement and service activities. This event is a huge undertaking and Mrs. Pollard makes it new and exciting each year. Thanks to Mrs. Pollard, our library is a mindful environment. The students are encouraged to just enjoy the moment and take time to be “present” in the books that they are reading. It’s a place of mindful seeing, listening and movement. Perspective taking and choosing optimism are also modeled. Mrs. Pollard helps support this through our morning announcements as well as our community service activities. She is an active part of both of these. The library is the heart of our school and Mrs. Pollard is the reason it beats the way it does. She makes it the place that everyone wants to be. The library is always full of students interacting with each other, books, and technology. It’s a place that will make you smile." -Mehfoud Elementary

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Christopher D., student

“I love the library for many reasons. 1st off I love it because its a place of infinite possibilities in the books. You can almost always learn something new and not get bored. Another reason why is teachers let you go and do work in there and it’s most likely peaceful in there so it’s easier to do your work. Also, The librarians really care and almost always find the book you want to read even if they don't have it they will try hard to order it from another school. Book fair is also amazing too. The library always does a great job setting it up and making things look nice. These are some reason why I love the library.” -Wilder Middle

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Libby-Kate, student

“The library is my favorite place! We get to hear fun stories and pick out books to take home.”

picture of Anish

Anish, student

"I like doing the reading challenge because it gives me more opportunities to learn." -Twin Hickory Elementary School

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