Welcome to Glen Allen’s Center for Education and Human Development!

Sophomores working on a group assignment.

Program Highlights:

  • Rigorous curriculum that includes advanced placement courses and real-world application
  • Faculty dedicated to developing individuals with skills in problem-solving, effective communication, and leadership
  • State-of-the-art classrooms with cutting-edge technology
  • Opportunity to gain perspective and experience related to success in the global society
  • Senior internship opportunities

Who Applies? Students interested in education or human psychology as well as students interested in developing leadership skills and a hands-on educational experience.

What’s Special About the Center? CFE has a comprehensive curriculum that features project-based learning and rigorous courses where students will take a dive into the psychological, biological, and social make-up of humans and the application of that knowledge. Students in the Center will utilize technology, conduct research, and think critically to assess and solve problems autonomously. Students will also have the support necessary to achieve these goals from their fellow students and dedicated faculty members.

Why Come to the Center? The Center’s focus on building an understanding of the learning process and what makes humans the way they are will aid success in any career field. Our curriculum fosters skills like effective oral and written communication, critical thinking, and awareness of the global society that can be utilized no matter the post-graduate path. 

Information Session Video: