Do you enjoy working with friends to problem solve? Are you intrigued by human development and psychology? If yes, you share the ideologies of a new generation of educational leaders. The Center for Education and Human Development (EHD) offers a comprehensive curriculum that explores the complexities of the learning process and utilizes the latest technology to develop educators and other leaders for the 21st Century. The curriculum will focus on areas such as research based instructional practices, 21st Century skills necessary for success in the global society, diversity, research and data analysis, and professional development. EHD explores human development and psychology as it relates to education and models best practices for teaching and other leadership roles.

Program Highlights

  • Rigorous curriculum that includes advanced placement courses and real world application
  • Faculty dedicated to developing individuals with skills in problem solving, effective communication and leadership
  • State-of-the-art classrooms with the cutting-edge technology
  • Opportunity to gain perspective and experience related to success in the global society
  • Senior internship opportunities


Mr. Reginald Davenport, Principal, Glen Allen High School
Ryan M. Conway, Center Chair, 501-3329
Jaime Goldberg, Director of School Counseling, 501-3310