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Jun 11

So Long, Farewell

In two short days our CFA Seniors will graduate and head out into the world. Appropriately the following quote is from the acceptance speech of Andre DeShields upon winning his first TONY award at the age of 73. The TONY awards are given for excellence in theatre on Broadway. It is wonderful advice for not …

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Jun 10

Dance! Dance! Dance!

In just a few days school will be out for summer vacation. Some of our students are only leaving us briefly, and others for good as they go on to the next adventure. Our CFA dance students will be busy this summer attending dance programs or preparing to go on to a higher level in …

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Jun 05

And a Good Time Was Had by ALL!

Hopefully you were with us, but if you weren’t, you missed a wonderful time of fun and celebration as our 2018/2019 year at Center For the Arts came to a close. On Saturday June 1st, we all gathered at Henrico High School to have our annual year end CFA Senior Awards Ceremony and FCFA picnic. …

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May 20

Test Your Artistic Knowledge

Check out this really cool postcard designed for the Senior Visual Arts Showcase! If you look a little closer, you’ll notice that all of the squares are a famous painting or artist re-imagined by the creator. How many paintings, artists or both can you name? If you are a CFA student, bring your guesses by …

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May 17

SAVE THE DATE – June 1, 2019

What better way to bid farewell to your CFA family or embrace the CFA family life for your first time than to meet with food and fun? On Saturday, June 1, 2019, you can do just that! If you’re a Senior, we’ll be kicking things off with our Senior awards ceremony in the Auditorium at …

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Apr 25

Chalk Up Another for Visual Arts

Metro Richmond Stem Fair held an art competition. The winner’s creation was used for the cover for the 27th Annual Metro Richmond STEM Fair program. Yes, you guessed it, one of CFA’s Visual Arts Level I students, Viktoria Fisher, won 1st place and was awarded the honor of gracing the cover, a trophy and 1st prize. …

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Apr 23

New York, New York..a Heck of a Town!

One week ago today at the crack of dawn, 50 excited students and 5 very brave adults boarded a bus and headed to New York City for the Theatre/Musical Theatre Spring trip. Some had been before, but for some it was their very first venture to the Big Apple. They only stayed for 2 nights …

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Apr 23

♪ ♫ Money, Money, Money, Money ♫ ♪

ATTENTION ALL CFA Seniors and Visual Arts Sophomores  and Juniors!!!!! This Friday, April 26, 2019, at 4:30 PM, is the deadline for applications for all  the FCFA  Scholarships. As we all know college is EXPENSIVE! Every little bit helps. Why turn down the chance to receive some of that help from Friends of Center for the …

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Apr 18

And the Hits Just Keep on Comin’

Visual Arts is on fire! 2 more students have won prestigious awards for their work at Center for the Arts. Amina Coleman-Davis and Virginia Suddarth have both been honored with national awards. Amina received the highest award for a piece in the region, The American Voice and Visions medal. Virginia was awarded a Silver Key. …

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Apr 17

What’s in the Box?

Hallie Wilson, a senior in CFA’s Visual Arts program, wondered just that. Last year she was given an assignment to use a box in a creative way. While glancing at the huge color printer in her art class, she got an idea and ran with it. What if little people were inside furiously painting pages as they …

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