Jan 28

Dance Audition Tips for CFA Dance Auditions on Saturday, February 2

Dear Prospective CFA Dance students,

We are sorry that our CFA audition workshop was canceled on Saturday, January 26 as a result of the inclement weather. 

We are looking forward to seeing you at our CFA auditions on Saturday, February 2.  Here are some audition tips to help you with your dance audition:

Helpful Hints for CFA Dance Audition!

Make sure you are looking your best.

            Get plenty of rest

            Eat breakfast (not too much…do not want to get sick)

            Nice dance attire (no ripped dance pants or tights)

            Hair back and out of face

            Not too much jewelry       

Be positive!

  Great smile and being polite goes a long way!

Do not talk with other dancers while class is being taught…but ask teacher questions if you need help.

            Do your best…do not give up. It is ok if you mess up…do not pout and walk off!

            It will be hard at times…we want to see how you react when you are challenged.

            Be kind to other students auditioning

Make eye contact with teachers

The way the audition will go:

            You will sign in and fill out piece of paper with your info on it. Then audition will begin with a ballet barre. It is ok if you do not have ballet experience…do your best. If you do not have ballet shoes you can be barefoot. I will teach you four ballet combos and you will perform them with the CFA dance helpers. We will give you a short break and you will take ballet shoes off if you have them for the modern warm-up. If you are wearing tights, please have confortable tights or extra pair of pant to change into. You must be barefoot for this portion of class. You will learn a modern warm-up on the floor and standing in the center. Then there is an across the floor exercise followed by a modern/jazz combo. I will meet each student auditioning one by one and will ask a short question for you to answer. That’s it!

One Last Thing!

Do not chew gum

Do not talk on phone or text during audition

If you have never done a modern and/or ballet warm-up, check out a YouTube video. They are all over the net!  


Ms. Fink, CFA Lead Dance Teacher