Congratulations to CFA students for a wonderful Visual and Performing Arts Showcase

Congratulations to all CFA students and CFA teachers for a very successful Fall 2011 Visual and Performing Arts Showcase!

Congratulations once more to our wonderful CFA students and CFA teachers for their fabulous Fall Showcase galleries and performances on Friday and Saturday, November 18 and 19!  We had a great turnout both Friday and Saturday night – so thanks to everyone who came to support our students.  We also want to give special thanks to the HCPS and HHS Administrations, the FCFA, as well as to the parents, relatives and friends of our CFA students – we can’t put on shows of this caliber without your help!

Finally, special thanks to the FCFA for their hard work in making these Showcases run so smoothly!  The FCFA is responsible for much of the “behind-the-scenes” work and we are truly grateful for their help!  Thanks to all of you for purchasing concessions and flowers from the FCFA – this helps to fund many student educational and scholarship initiatives.

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