Varsity football goes extra mile

Varsity players Samond Pinchback and Isaiah Paige shows good sportsmanship as they rush to RJ Coles’ side.

Practice and dedication is a key to success. Football players and the coaches at Varina used this mindset to succeed. Coach Brown said that the team’s work ethic may have been their biggest strength. “We fear that an opponent of ours may be outworking us, so we exhaust all resources to make sure we outwork all,” said sophomore defensive back and slot receiver, Floyd Jones.

As for the captains, Jace Depriest, RJ Coles, and Stephen Richardson, they all tend to have their own perspective of being a captain and how difficult it can be. “Being a captain makes me want to go hard on everything I do because the team looks up to me,” Depriest said.

Richardson, the starting slot receiver says that he puts pressures on himself to provide an example for everyone else and lead the team as a captain. “We don’t knock each other down, but we are honest with other,” Richardson said.

Coles, the star runner back and strong safety says even if he wasn’t a captain he would still work to his full potential. Coles said that if he messes up, his team encourages him to do better because the team has grown as one in the last couple of years. “Being a captain motivates me to be a leader not a follower,” Coles stated.

Coach Brown says that winning is good because it creates a feeling that one always wishes for and because it provides growth. He teaches his players that mistakes are only mistakes are if they do not learn from them.

“Its football. Our athletes are asked to be violent but discipline. Our disagreements are both emotional and physical,” said Coach Brown.

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