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Tuning Into Fractions

Tuning Into Fractions

Teacher(s) Name: Ms. Szakal

School: Crestview ES

Grade Level(s): Grade 4

Content Area(s): Math, Science, Music

Lesson Summary

In this inquiry project, students worked in groups and investigated how the amount of water in a glass affects the sound, or pitch made when tapping the glass with a spoon. After some initial observations, students were tasked with matching the notes to play “Mary Had A Little Lamb” before they could move on and create their very own original song. Throughout the project, students were measuring the amount of water in each glass, showing this as a fraction, as well as simplifying and finding equivalent fractions.

TIPC Ratings

Research & Information Fluency

Rating:Not Observed – Explanation: N/A

Communication & Collaboration

Rating: Ideal – Explanation: The students worked in self selected groups and collaborated digitally with the aid of Google Sites and Google Apps for Education. Through the use of these tools the students were able to communicate and collaborate with one another regardless of time or distance. Together the students established roles such as photographer and webmaster to ensure that the project was completed to the best of their collective abilities. The teacher acted as a facilitator and developed guidelines that fostered communication and collaboration throughout the project.

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

Rating: Ideal – Explanation: Students developed questions and had to overcome real world hurdles throughout the process in order to complete the project. These problems and questions needed critical thinking and problem solving. The students selected the most appropriate digital tools that fostered critical thinking and problem solving.

Creativity & Innovation

Rating: Ideal – Explanation: The students used existing information and newly acquired knowledge to create original music and a website. Throughout the process the students were pushed and inspired to make creative and innovative choices. The students reflected on the creative and innovative process as well as set goals for future growth.

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