Animal Guess Who

Animal Guess Who

Submitted by: Holly Cole, Katie Sansbury, Jennifer Robbins
Collaborators: Nancy Hally-Librarian
School: Longdale Elementary


This lesson was used to reinforce the concepts learned while we were studying our Animals unit. In third grade students need to be able to identify the type of consumer an animal is, their predators, habitats, adaptations the animal uses, and the animals food chain. During our unit on animals third grade collaborated with our librarian Mrs. Nancy Hally to research an assigned animal. Students were to research to find out the concepts were studying about that are listed above. Collaborative library lessons were used to teach the students how to conduct research using both print and electronic resources. The students assembled their newly discovered facts into a Keynote template that was presented to the class.

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Research techniques were initially modeled, but then the students were able to conduct their own research using both electronic resources and as well as print resources that could be found in the library.

While this was not a collaborative project, the students had to find facts and information that will clearly explain the characteristics of the animal they researched.

Students had to find information from a variety of resources. The students had to work to find appropriate resources that would help them answer their research questions.

Students used a template to display their final products. The main focus for this lesson was learning how to be effective researchers.

Student Artifact

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  • Lesson Plan
  • Student sample in Keynote.
  • Mysterize Robots

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