October 10, 2018

We are super busy in room 21! We enjoyed having our first Super Parent Reader, Mr. Tiwari, last week. He chose some great books that the kids really loved. We are looking forward to many more parent readers this year!

Here are some of the topics we are working on this week.

Reading: The students worked hard on answering questions using fiction texts. We are currently working on identifying nonfiction text features. Ex: diagrams, bold print, captions, table of contents, etc. In our small groups, we will be reading lots of nonfiction books to practice using all of the text features. Students will create their own diagrams, use their research skills to locate new facts about animals, and complete nonfiction text features scavenger hunts in the library.

Word Study: Students have been given a new list of words. The first day that the words are assigned, we meet in our small groups and practice sorting the words under their correct header. There is always a correct written sort in your child’s word study notebook in case your child forgets how to sort the words for the week. The next test will be on October 19th.

Writing: We are working hard on including those “JAZZY” words in our writing. Students have several lists of adjectives that we have glued into their notebooks to use a resource when writing. The kids just finished writing poems about scarecrows. Our class work is hanging on the wall across from our classroom door. Stop by and read the poems the next time you are at the Lake!

Math: Number sense- Wow! There is just so much to learn! We have worked on reading and writing 6 digit numbers. The students must know how to write the numbers in standard form, word form, picture form, and expanded form. We are currently working on rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100, and 1000. Practice at home when you can! This is a challenging skill. Example: Round 145 to the nearest 10. Answer- 150

Social Studies– We are reviewing the 7 continents and the 5 oceans. We will also learn about many land and water features on all of the continents. There is a lot for third graders to know!

Science– We are finishing the unit on adaptations and will take a 2 week break from science while we are working on the social studies unit.

This covers many of the things that we are working on in class. Enjoy the rest of your week!

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September 24, 2018

I think this just might be our first full week of school this year! I am looking forward to getting a lot accomplished in class.

Flashlight Fridays, Lunch Bunch Book Club, and Buddy Reading

Let’s get these kids to LOVE reading! We had our first Flashlight Friday last week. Some of us spent a lot of time reading. Some of us spent a lot of time finding the perfect place to sit, and some of us spent a lot of time shining the flashlight all over the ceiling while making cool designs. We will definitely have some more rules set up for this week’s adventure. 🙂

I am so happy that so many kids are going to participate in October’s Lunch Bunch. I think we are going to have a lot of fun.

Also, soon we are going to be partnering up to Buddy Read with our neighbors, the preschoolers. What an awesome way for our third graders to practice fluency and using expression while reading!

Word Study– It’s official- We have finally started word study. I was only able to meet with one group today, but I plan on meeting with the other 3 groups tomorrow. Beginning tomorrow, word study notebooks should ALWAYS be kept in your child’s backpack, so that he/she can have it each night at home and each day in class. The FIRST word study test will be on Friday, October 5th. Look for word study homework to come home most Tuesday and Thursday nights.

Reading– Hip Hip Hooray! We will start our reading groups this week. Students will read a variety of books from our school book room and books that I have received through Scholastic. Wait until you see how many books I was able to order for our class this month! Our focus will be on fiction this week. Students will practice asking and answering thoughtful questions about the stories they read.

Math– We will take the graph test tomorrow. This does not mean that we are done with graphs. There are still some tricky questions that we need to master, but first we must have a good understanding of addition and subtraction. We will continue to work on graphing all year long! Our main focus for most of this week will be place value. Students will need to be able to read and write numbers through 999,999. We will begin by reviewing position of a number versus value. Then we will move onto expanded form, word form, and picture form. This is not an easy unit. Please look over the math homework each night that it comes home.

Science– We are starting one of my favorite units, animal adaptations. Students need to know the differences between a behavioral adaptation and a physical adaptation. There is a lot of vocabulary to learn. I am tentatively planning a quiz for this Friday. Students will bring home their word study notebooks and flashcards later this week to prepare.

Writing– We are still focusing on writing great paragraphs. We will continue to work on making nouns plural and making sure that we are spelling the plural nouns correctly.

This sums up most of what we will be working on in class. Always feel free to ask if you have any questions.





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September 17, 2018

We are so close to getting into our regular routine for the school year.  I still have several students who need to do some reading assessments with me before we can begin our reading groups. I am excited to get started!

Lunch Bunch Book Club: Look for information about our book club to come home today. This is a totally optional activity for kids. I hope lots of kids will want to participate!

Word Study: Official word study groups will begin next week. USUALLY, I assign word study homework on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

Writing: We will review nouns and review the rules for forming nouns plural. There are SO many rules! Students will also work on writing exciting paragraphs centered on one topic.

Reading: We are starting the story Nate the Great.  Students will work on making connections, making predictions, and identifying the setting and plot of the story.

Math: We will finish our graphing unit this week. Next, we will move onto our place value unit.

Social Studies: We will complete the unit on citizenship this week.

Science: Later this week we will start the unit on animal adaptations. This is such a fun unit!

This covers the highlights for the week. I hope to see you at Back to School Night this Thursday!

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September 10, 2018

We have been super busy in third grade! We have already celebrated 2 birthdays! I hope that Sophie and Emili had a wonderful celebration this past weekend.

Today we took a spelling pretest. This will help me to determine word study groups. I plan for us to start word study next week. We also took a math pretest. Students worked on the test while I pulled kids to read to me on the Fountas and Pinnell assessments. I anticipate that we will need the whole week for me to be able to work with each child individually on this task. Hopefully, reading groups can start next week. 🙂

Writing: We will focus on writing complete sentences that include jazzy words. We will discuss using exciting adjectives to make our writing exciting to read. Today I taught the students about onomatopoeia. See if your child can remember some examples.

Math: We are learning about good survey questions.  Good example: What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? Bad example: What time do we go to lunch? See if your child can give you some great examples of survey questions. The kids are also practicing interpreting information on a bar graph and a pictograph.

Reading: Students will practice making predictions. They will also determine the 5 W’s of a fiction story. This includes: Who? What? Where? When? Why?

Social Studies: The students are practicing being good citizens. We are learning lots of new vocabulary words such as self-reliance and self-discipline. Later this week, the kids will create wanted posters for good citizens.

This covers the big ideas for the week. I hope that everyone is enjoying third grade!

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Welcome Third Graders!

I can’t wait to see everyone at Open House on August 30th! Let’s get ready for s’more learning!

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