11-9 Friday Update

Happy Friday Tiger Families!

Wow can you believe we’ve already reached the end of the first marking period. This first 9 weeks has flown by. We will keep pressing on with our learning and fun into the 2nd marking period. Before we know it the Holidays will be upon us!

Thank you to all who were able to come in for a conference or call in for a telephone conference on Tuesday or Thursday! I enjoyed having the opportunity to meet and talk with you. Partnering together leads to a successful school year!

Upcoming Events and Reminders:

PAW Achievement Trip (Permission Slips Due) – Monday, 11/12th the students that received Citizenship and exhibited our PAW qualities during the first marking period will be able to attend a Junie B. Jones play at Hermitage High School!

Field Trip – Our 2nd grade field trip to Lewis Ginter will be on Tuesday, 11/13th. We will be eating lunch there and the lunch order forms were sent home this week so be sure to return ASAP if your Tiger will need a bag lunch from the school Cafe.

2018 Food Drive – Trevvett is collecting non-perishable food items next week 11/12 – 11/16. Donations are being dropped off in the lobby!

Fall Pictures – Picture Day will be Monday 11/19th


Reading: We will continue our fiction reading of books and poems focusing on “theme” and story elements: characters, setting, conflict, events, and resolution.

Math: We will continue with our unit on graphing. We will review bar graphs and will be working with pictographs. The students will review key parts of a graph and learn about using the graph key to interpret the data and answer questions.

Writing / Spelling: We will continue with narrative writing and focusing on stories with a beginning, middle and ending.  Spelling words: stain, drain, weigh, eight, play, goes, of, know, why, any

Social Studies: We will begin learning about Veteran’s Day this week and the different branches of the Armed Forces.

I hope you have a fabulous fall weekend! Remember our Field Trips Monday and Tuesday!


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11-2 Friday Update

Welcome November. What wonderful weather we’ve had this week. Check out more pictures of the kids at recess yesterday and today on the pictures link or click here.

Important info for next week:

  • CogAT testing is next week – (Wed/Thu/Fri) please be on the lookout for your parent letter explaining this test in your child’s folder today
  • NO SCHOOL on Tuesday November 6th – Election Day
  • Sign Up for a Parent-Teacher Conference Here! Available days are November 6 morning or November 8 evening. I want to meet with all of you parents! Please sign up or contact me to schedule a day/time that works best for you.
  • Due to no school on Tuesday and CogAT testing, there will be no formal homework assigned next week – we do encourage students to read nightly and use the links to math games to practice their skills

Academics for next week:

Reading: We’ll begin our unit on “Theme”. Students will describe characters, setting, and plot events in fiction and poetry. Students will identify the conflict and resolution, and identify the theme.

Writing/Spelling: We’ll review all previous spelling and sight words, and use previously read text to help us write a retelling of a story. Students will use the idea that a story has a beginning, middle and an end to write their own stories.

Our math and social studies time will be used to practice and complete the CogAT testing next week. If time allows, we will continue with daily calendar skills, number sense, adding & subtracting, and problem solving.

Have a fantastic fall weekend! Mr. Weldon

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10-26 Friday Update

Happy end of the week Tiger families. We’ve had another wonderful week in second grade. I’ve been impressed with the students making predictions in reading and being able to tell the clues that they are using to make “smart guesses“! And in Math, the calss has really started to show an understanding of Place Value and using this skill to help with rounding and identifying the tens around a number. We are making progress with determing how to choose which ten is the nearest and will continue working on this next week as . Continued practice at home would be beneficial! Also, time got away from me today and I did not send The Tiger Check and completed papers home today. These will come home on Monday.

Upcoming Events and Reminders:

Big Blast – Students that achieved the $50 donation goal for the fall fundraiser will participate in the inflatable Big Blast on Tuesday, 10/30/18. Students are allowed to wear school appropriate costumes that day.

Fall Conferences – Please sign up for a time to discuss your Tigers progress this marking period! I’ve set aside time for evening conferences on Click Here to sign up.

Election Day – No school for students on November 6th (morning conferences available)

Academics Next Week:

Reading: We’ll continue making Predictions: Students are learning to use details from text to make, confirm and revise predictions before, during, and after reading.   Moby Max Sign In   Text Features Practice  Read & Understand Informational Passages Practice

Writing/Spelling: Next week we will finish our Fall stories and will be working on reading and writing r-controlled vowel words -ir, -ar, -er. The Spelling words for next week are: made, those, sing, use, read, thirst, bird, shirt, church, nursePhonics Games      IR, AR, OR word sorting game

Social Studies: We’ll learn about Cesar Chavez, a civil rights leader. Kid Friendly Cesar Chavez You Tube Video    Bio of Cesar Chavez  Then we’ll begin studying about the right to VOTE as Election Day draws near.

Math: Our unit on graphing will begin! Students will understand and interpret data from tables and graphs. Daily practice with addition, subtraction, and problem solving continue during our calendar time and math stations.  Extra Practice Graphing  Pictograph Practice   Interpret Tally Marks & Charts Interpret Pictographs

Have a fantastic weekend!    Mr. Weldon


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10-19 Friday Update

Happy Friday! We made it through another full week. I”m so happy to see the students adjusting and progressing as we begin to start falling into our daily routines and schedule. This really was a great week in 2nd grade!  Mrs. Broudy even complimented the class for how hard they worked and were so well behaved during her Spanish lesson on Wednesday! This week the students also had fun with Math stations and learning about “place value” and in Science, we took a nature walk around the school grounds looking for real life examples of “Weathering and Erosion”. They really enjoyed this activity and did an awesome job finding ruts, holes, (leaves/dirt/pine tags) on the drains, cracks in the sidewalk, and smooth vs. bumpy rocks. I hope they shared their findings with you and were able to explain the reasons behind them!

Reminders and Upcoming events:

  • Sign Up for a Parent-Teacher Conference Here! Available days are November 6 morning or November 8 evening.
  • MobyMax usernames and passwords came home earlier this week in a letter. Students may use this resource at home to work on increasing skills!
  • A message from Mrs. Robertson, our ESL teacher: We are so thrilled to once again celebrate the many diverse cultures at Maude Trevvett Elementary School! On October 23rd at 6 pm, we want all Tiger families to come out to share and learn more about each other’s culture. We are asking ALL families to bring various items like photos, maps, stamps, crafts, and even food dishes to create a display table for our multicultural fair. And don’t forget to wear your native attire! There will also be live entertainment including an Arabic, Spanish, and Nepali speaking interpreters. You don’t want to miss this exciting event! Return the RSVP form saying YES, you want to represent your culture!

Academics Next Week:

Reading: We’re going to read non-fiction texts to continue the skill of making predictions. Students will use titles to generate ideas about the text and use details from the text to confirm and revise predictions made before, during, and after reading. We’ll also explore non-fiction text features like a table of contents, text boxes, glossaries and the index of a book to help make predictions, answer questions, and help figure out unknown words.

Spelling/Writing: Spelling next week focuses on a few sight words and long a words: right, wash, upon, before, would, grape, trade, grade, chain, plain. We’re going to continue our writing process in creating a story about Fall. The students have brainstormed fall activities, wrote a pre-writing web, and began their rough draft. Next week, we’ll work on editing, revising, publishing and illustrating our stories. Phonics Games

Math: Students will round two digit numbers to the nearest ten, and continue the study of place value (understanding the amount of tens and ones that make up a number). Daily practice with addition, subtraction, and problem solving continue during our calendar time and math stations. Place Value Practice Add & Subtract word problems Round to the Nearest Ten Seashell Rounding Activity

Science: Students will describe the differences between weathering and erosion and how it happens and can be prevented. Please continue to review the study guide that came home with the homework! Study Jams! Weathering & Erosion Video

Thanks for all of your support at home. Remember to check folders today for completed/graded papers and return the Tiger Check and homework on Monday

. Have a great weekend!  Mr. Weldon

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10-5 Friday Update

Welcome October! What a great week. Thank you all for the warm birthday wishes and student made cards from the students. Wednesday was just an all around fun, great day. And we finished the week with a cute performance of Frog & Prince by Virginia Repertory Theater this afternoon.

Reminders and Upcoming Events:

Monday, October 8th – NO SCHOOL for students – Columbus Day

Tuesday, October 9th – PTO Bingo Night at 6 p.m. PTO Members – first card FREE! $3 for additional cards- Fantastic Prizes!

Parent Teacher Conferences – Click Here to sign up for a conference time on either Nov. 6th (morning) or Nov. 8th (evening). I look forward to seeing you all!


Reading: We’ll wrap up our unit on making connections: using both fiction and non-fiction texts, students will make connections to texts with personal experiences and continue the practice of rereading for fluency. We continue to segment sounds of words, read and write words with blends in them.

Spelling/Writing: Due to the shorter week, we’ll only have 5 words: person, place, thing, idea, people. This will support our study of nouns as we begin to categorize common nouns versus proper nouns.  Spell the Sight Words Game Complete the Sentence with the Correct Sight Word Noun Games – Click here!


Social Studies: Perfect timing for Monday’s holiday: We’re going to study Christopher Columbus next week. Christopher Columbus Biography for Kids

Math: Place Value- Students will read, write, model and identify the amount of tens and ones in a 2 digit number, understand the digit value of the place tens or ones, and begin comparing (without >,< or = yet). Number Concepts through 50 Shark Pool Place Value  Place Value Hockey!

Have a fantastic Weekend (especially if you get to enjoy a 3 day weekend)! I will be looking forward to seeing the students on Tuesday morning.

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9/28 – Friday Update

Wow, We finally have made it through our first “full” school week. No holidays, weather days, half days, etc. It was another great week with your Tigers. They are already showing what they are learning and seem excited and eager about learning new things. We will keep pushing forward and I’m excited how well this year has started! Thank you for your support at home! Working together is key!


Fund Raiser: Don’t forget if you are able to encourage friends and family to support our fall fund raiser. $50 earns your tiger the opportunity for prizes and a fun afternoon at the inflatable party. And it ensures our school continues to succeed with state of the art technology and an awesome STEAM classroom for next year! It’s a win-win.

After School Enrichment Clubs begin October 3rd! Click here to get more info or sign up!

Tiger Check and Papers – Due to me being absent today for an out of town weekend trip, I will send the Tiger Check and graded papers home on Monday.


Reading- We will continue working with making connections to help us understand what we are reading. This week we will be reading Fiction books and making our Text to self, Text to Text, and Text to World connections. Continue to encourage your Tiger to read daily at home for 20mins and practice utilizing the skills we are learning in class!

Writing – This week will focus on the mechanics of writing and understanding what ‘nouns” are. Students will be identifying nouns and categorizing them as a “person, place, thing, and animal.

Math – Skip counting will continue to be a focus but we will begin to branch off from just counting by 10’s, 5’s, and 2’s to students being able to figure out number patterns. Students will be given a set of numbers and have to identify the rule of the pattern to know how the patters will continue or what numbers are missing from a given set… For example: 2, 7, 12, ___, 22, 27, _____, 27… The rule is skipping ahead by 5. Skip Counting     Odd or Even

Social Studies- We have wrapped up our unit in Science on Extreme Weather and Weather Tools and terms and will be moving back into Social Studies. How focus will be on Maps. Learning the parts of a map, how to use/read maps, and will then move into identifying key US land features on the Map. We will then move into Continents and Oceans. Map Makers! Game

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend. The weather is supposed to great. Get outside and have some fun!  Mr. Weldon

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9/21 – Friday Update

Happy Friday Tiger Families. We had another great week in 2nd grade. The kids seemed to really enjoy our first STEAM Day and I was happy to see them applying their knowledge of Hurricanes and Tornadoes during the 2 challenges. Check out pictures on the picture link or click here!


Fund Raiser – If you are able to follow up with potential donators, We are still trying to collect $50 from each of our students to help with STEAM Materials and document cameras for the classrooms. We have a few students in our class who have already reached the $50 goal!

After School Enrichment Clubs begin October 3rd! Click here to get more info or sign up!

Tiger Check – Remeber to sign the weekly Tiger check that came home today and review completed papers. Papers can stay at home for review.

Homework is due on Monday, 9/24th


Reading: We’ll use non-fiction texts to support the big idea that readers use background knowledge and make connections to foster comprehension. Students will work on answering questions based on the text, and practice reading fluently. We continue to segment sounds of words, read and write words with blends in them. Spell the Sight Words Game Complete the Sentence with the Correct Sight Word

Writing: We’ll continue our personal narratives, “All About Me”. Students are going to have peer and teacher conferences to help them edit their stories for correct capitalization, punctuation, sentence flow, and staying on topic.

Math: Our math objectives next week include: skip count by 2’s, 5’s, & 10’s to 120 from different starting points, count backwards from 120 by 10’s, and use objects to identify “odd” and “even” sets. Skip Counting Sequence practice  Even or Odd? practice    Skip Counting Puzzles

Science: We continue our extreme weather unit, focused on these objectives: observe and record daily weather conditions including daily temperature, identify appropriate weather tools and common types of storms. Please continue reviewing the study guide, students will be assessed Friday 9/28.

Have a great weekend!!!

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9-14 Friday Update

Hi Families! Here is the Friday update a little early.

Reminder, NO SCHOOL TOMORROW 9/14/18! I hope everyone stays safe over the next few days.

Reminders/Upcoming Dates to remember:

  • Send in your $5.00 class donation so we can put in the order for the classroom magazine asap! Thanks to those who already have!
  • Wednesday 9/19 is a half-day for students. Please be on the lookout for information on joining us that morning for a STEAM activity. Also, if your child needs to go home a different way that day, you must send in a note for a transportation change.
  • Homework begins on Monday!
  • Remember to sign the yellow Tiger Check in your child’s grey folder and send back to school on Monday – thank you!

Academic Focus for next week:

Reading: We’ll continue the skill of fluency as we share more fictional texts, and focus on the different sounds vowels can make to help us figure out words we don’t know when reading. Students are learning that fluent readers read with expression, sound natural, and practice reading smoothly to match the author’s meaning. Free Children’s Stories online

Writing: Students will begin the writing process of brainstorming, creating a pre-writing web, composing a rough draft, and work on editing and final copies. Teachers will model this process for students, then release them to create their own personal narrative, “All About Me”.  Click here for an online Story Maker!

Math: Our unit begins on skip counting by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s to 120. Students will learn how to start from different points, such as 50, and continue skip counting patterns. Counting backwards by 10’s is also a standard skill. Skip Counting Activity  Skip Counting Game

Science: Extreme Weather (how ironic) Students will learn about tornadoes, hurricanes, droughts, blizzards, and floods. We’ll discuss tools that meteorologists use to record, track, and predict weather patterns. Look for a study guide attached to the HW packet for essential vocabulary.  Compare temps on thermometers activity   Weather Pictures to identify Vocab Matching Game

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9-7 Friday Update

Happy Friday Families! We made it through the first week of school. What a great start to the school year we had this week. I am enjoying this class already and getting to know their personalities. This week in the daily folder I sent home the classroom handbook and a sheet with directions to join my class on Remind 101. Thanks to those of you who’ve already signed up! And today the weekly Tiger Check came home with completed work papers from the week. Please sign and return the yellow Tiger Check and you can keep the completed work at home for review.

Upcoming Events & Reminders:

*Fund Raiser – Today your child enjoyed an assembly learning about the fall fundraiser. An envelope came home today to let you know all about it and how your Tiger family can support our school!

*Open House. Open House will be held Tuesday, September 11th at 6:00. Hope to see you all then to learn more about 2nd grade and our class!


Reading: We are working on “Fluency”- (reading smoothly and making my voice match the author’s words) as well as reading comprehension. This week the students enjoyed fiction stories being read aloud on the carpet and then completed reader response questions to show their understanding of what happened. As well, they were provided with parts of the book to read independently to practice fluency. We will continue with these skills next week.

Math: In Math we’ve started working with “Ordinal Numbers” and how they are used to tell the position or place of something and how they can be used in directions. Next week we will continue with this concept and recognizing the importance of knowing a starting point (from the right, from the bottom, starting with, etc..)

Social Studies: We have been using our unit on Citizenship to go over being a good classroom citizen by reviewing classroom rules and expectations and making the correlation to how being a school citizen is similar to being a citizen in a community. Next week we will continue with citizenship learning about Self- discipline/ Self- reliance, laws, and voting.

Thank you all for your support and such a smooth start to this school year. I am looking forward to working with your Tiger each day having fun learning.  Rest up and enjoy the weekend!     Mr. Weldon

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6-15 – Friday Update

Such a bitter sweet day. I’m so proud of what the students accomplished this year. I truly enjoyed every day that we spent together learning, having fun and making great memories. I hope you all have a fun-filled, fantastic summer. And please keep your Tiger prepared and ready for their next chapter. Continue to read every day for 20 minutes or more and practice Math facts and skills. Students will be able to continue using Moby Max over the summer, access any of the practice links on the blog, and I encourage you to check out the Summer Reading Program through the Henrico Public Library. Trevvett won the trophy for the program last year. Let’s see if we can get if back again for this summer.

Thank you families for all of your support. Please know your children are very near and dear to me. I reminded them today that we are a school family and should always support and look out for one another. This holds true for me as well, if I can ever be of any support or assistance to help them along their journey, please let me know and I will do whatever I can…. forever my students!……  Mr. Weldon

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