What’s Happening in December?


Ms. Boyd’s Class– This month our class will be studying the meaning of tradition and how it connects to their lives at home and school. We will be learning about the various holidays that are celebrated in December through the New Year. In math we will be learning about the following topics: U.S. standard measurement, comparing numbers (<,>,=), patterns, and understanding information within a graph. In science, we will be learning about parts of a plant and their functions. In history, we will be learning about wants versus needs.

Upcoming Events:

Wacky Holiday Hair Day- December 4, 2018

Candy Cane Day (Wear Red & White)- December 5, 2018

Holiday Socks Day- December 6, 2018

December CBI (Target) Community Helpers – December 6, 2018 (all integrated service classrooms).

Interim Reports K-1- December 6, 2018

Makeup Picture Day- December 6, 2018

Bright Lights Day (flashing necklaces)- December 7, 2018

Holiday Hat/Headband Day- December 10, 2018

Classroom Holiday Party/Pajama Day- December 19, 2018

Winter Break Begins- December 20, 2018

Happy Birthday Ally! – December 29, 2018

School Reopens- January 3, 2018

Mrs. Lindo’s Class – We will be learning some Holiday songs and doing some festive crafts. This month we will be identifying the uppercase and lowercase letter Dd and Ee .What letter is this? What sound does it make? What begins with D and E? What are the 4 Seasons? CBI Trip to Target:  Community Helpers

Mrs. Summers Class-TBA

Mrs. Jenkins Class– TBA

Ms. Turner’s Class– TBA

Gobble Gobble…We Are Thankful for Our Students!

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What are we working on in November?

Ms. Boyd’s Class

This month we will learning about the three states of matter and parts of a plant. In math, we will be learning about fractions. Ask me the difference between a fractional piece and a whole!  In social studies, we will be learning about how maps are used and how to read the different symbols on a basic map. We will be discussing Veterans Day and the reasons we honor our veterans each year. Our class will also learn about the first Thanksgiving and participate in thankfulness activities/crafts.

Mrs. Jenkins Class

In fifth grade, we are working on the following concepts:

Math – The students will work with fractions and decimals, including solving computation problems involving fractions and decimals within word problems.

Reading – The students will work on understanding the way an author organizes a text helps the reader understand the author’s message. The students will understand what can and cannot be proven in a text, so as to better understand the author’s message.

In second grade, we are working on the following concepts:

Math – The students will work with place value, comparing and ordering numbers, and rounding.  The student will also work on basic math facts, using doubles to solve problems and equality.

Reading – The students will understand theme and story elements so as to retell a story.  They will identify the main idea/central message of what they are reading and determine the most important details of what they are learning.

In Kindergarten, we are working on the following concepts:

Math – The students will work with patterns, counting sets of objects up to 20, and reading/writing/representing numbers up to 10.

Reading – The students will identify words according to shared ending sounds, identify final consonant sounds within one syllable words, match short vowel sounds, identify the role of an author and illustrator, and ask and answer questions about what is read.

Mrs. Lindo’s Class

We will be working on the letters of the week “D” and “E”.

We will read books about Thanksgiving and little lessons that go along.

We will do some Fall Crafts/fine motor activities

We will discuss Community Helpers that we may see in a Restaurant. We will take a trip to Chick-fil-A to expand on this lesson.

Mrs. Summer’s Class- TBA

Ms. Turner’s Class- TBA


  • 3rd Grade Field Trip– Friday, November 16, 2018
  • Grandparents Day– Tuesday, November 20, 2018 (Please return participation form by November 19, 2018)
  • Report Cards & Progress Notes Go Home– November 20, 2018
  • Thanksgiving Break– November 21-23, 2018
  • All integrated service classes will be going on a CBI field trip to Chick-fil-A  on November 29, 2018. Please turn in permission slips ASAP. Also, please send in cash if you would like for your student to be able to make a purchase during the trip ($5 will cover the cost of a kids meal).

October 2018

Goodbye September…Welcome OCTOBER ! 

Check out what your little PUMPKINS will be up to this month:

Ms. Boyd’s Class:

We will be attending a fieldtrip/CBI to Challenger Day October 17, 2018 (9:30 am-1:00 pm), at Tuckahoe Park. We are working on letter/number recognition, rote counting, reading comprehension, coin identification/coin value, and look forward to studying Fall.

Mrs. Jenkins Classes:

In 5th grade Reading, the students will be summarizing nonfiction  using text features and summarizing supporting details.  The students will also be using context to clarify unfamiliar words.  In 5th grade Math, the students will learn about the order of operations, rounding with decimals, and computations involving decimal numbers.  In 5th grade science, the students will learn about Earth/Space Systems and Cycles Interrelationships in Earth/Space Systems.

In 2nd grade Reading, the students will use background knowledge and make connections to foster comprehension, and will actively preview and predict while reading.  In Math, the students will study place value, round two digit numbers, and order numbers, as well as studying graphs.

In Kindergarten, the students will take a trip to Gallmeyer Farms to visit the pumpkin patch on October 12th.  In Reading, the students are working on identifying letters and letter sounds, as well as basic sight words.  In Math, the students are working on counting as set of objects up to 10, investigating patterns, and identifying and sorting plane figures.

Ms. Turner’s Classes:

1st Grade: Students will be completing PALS testing and Fountas and Pinnell Reading Assessments. Students have also been working on sight words, letter identification, letter sounds, and rhyming.

3rd grade: Students will be taking the Fall NWEA MAPs testing for Reading and Math. Students will be working on place value concepts up to the hundredths place; as well as, understanding the Power of 10 utilizing base 10-blocks.

4th Grade: Reading, students will be working on identifying the main idea and supporting details in text.Math, students will read, write, and identify the place and value of each digit in whole numbers. They will also compare and order whole numbers expressed through millions.VA Studies, students are studying the native people of Virginia. Students will learn about American Indian languages groups, their locations and artifacts.

*Don’t Forget!…

  • 4th Grade Performance will be held on OCTOBER 18, 2018 at 6:00 PM.
  • Fieldtrip to Jamestown Settlement on Nov. 2, 2018. Permission forms and the cost ($28) of the trip, is due by October 19th.


  • Fall School Picture Day (October 19th)
  • Fall Festival @ Ward Elementary: Friday, October 26th from 5:30-7:00 PM

September Happenings

Welcome back for the 2018-2019 school year! The Exceptional Education Staff is so excited to have the opportunity to work with your child.

In the upcoming weeks, we will be working very hard to get to know your child, determine their current levels in the areas of reading, writing, math, self-help skills, speech, and any other important areas.

The students will be working hard to learn the Ward routines and we know they are all Ward Strong!

Here are some important dates to keep in mind:
September 19, 2018 – Student Half Day
September 27, 2018 – Back-to-School Night You will have an opportunity to touch base with your child’s teacher(s).

Open House

Please join us for Open House on Thursday, August 30, 2018!  You will have an opportunity to drop of school supplies, meet your child’s teacher(s) and allow your student to become familiar with Ward Elementary.

The schedule is as follows:
Pre-K and Kindergarten – 2:30 – 4:00
First Grade through Fifth Grade – 4:00 – 6:00

We can’t wait to see you there!!!

What’s Happening in June

Can you believe we only have two more weeks of school left?!? I know you are all very proud of the progress your student has made and we are so thankful that we get to spend our days working with your kids.

 In these last couple of weeks of school, there are many fun happenings taking place around the school. It is a time of celebration, and we look forward to these activities and events. The following are events happening building-wide:

Week of June 4 – SOL Retakes
June 11th – PK Promotion Ceremony-9:00
June 12th – K-4 Award Ceremonies
June 13th – Moving Up Day (Transition Day)
SOL Celebrations-12:30-2:00
June 14th – 5th grade Promotion Day-8:30
June 15th – 5th grade Fun Day
Report cards go home
Last day of school

We hope you have a safe and fun-filled summer!
~The Exceptional Education Team

What’s Happening in May and June

It’s hard to believe this year is wrapping up and there are many things happening in the school!

Here is a brief update on the upcoming events:
Week of May 7 – SOL testing begins (Virginia Studies and 5th Grade Science)
Week of May 14 – SOL testing (Reading 3rd, 4th, 5th grade)
Week of May 21 – SOL testing (Math 3rd, 4th, 5th grade)
Week of May 28 – SOL retakes

May 18, 2018 – Spring Fling 6:00 pm

May 28, 2018 – Memorial Day Holiday: NO SCHOOL

June 12, 2018 – K-4 Award Ceremonies
June 13, 2018 – SOL Celebration Day
June 14, 2018 – 5th grade Completion Ceremony
June 15, 2018 – Last day of school

In Ms. Hughes’s class….
In May we are studying plant and animal life cycles for our science unit. Our social studies unit will focus on Egypt and their inventions and also locating Egypt on a world map or globe. We will also talk about Mother’s Day and Memorial Day.

In Mrs. Jenkins’s Fourth and Fifth grade groups…
In these last weeks of the school year, we are getting ready for SOL testing, and wrapping up all the end-of-the-year assessments.

What’s Happening In April

Welcome back from spring break! And we hope you all enjoyed this relaxing time.  April is busy, busy, busy in our Integrated Services and our Collaborative classes.

Ms. Hughes’s class:  We are talking about the changes that happen in spring such as, flowers blooming, baby animals being born, a change in the temperature and weather. The life cycles of plants and animals will be our focus for science.

Mrs. Summers’s class:  My class will be studying frog and butterfly life cycles as well as the letters J and P.

Mrs. Lindo’s class: Mrs. Lindo’s class will be discussing what we might see in the spring.
Spring weather
Spring Art projects
Planting seeds and talking about what seeds need to grow (soil, sunlight, water, etc…)
Mixing ingredients together to make lemonade/pudding

The Integrated Services classes will be taking our final CBI of the year to Dorey Park!  This trip will take place on April 26, 2018.

Mrs. Jenkins’s classes:
Fifth Grade:  In reading, the students are reviewing all previously taught concepts in preparation for the SOLs in May.  In Math, the students are continuing units in Geometry, as well as reviewing previously taught material so as to prepare for SOLs.

Fourth Grade:  In reading, the students are reviewing all previously taught concepts in preparation for the SOLs in May.  In Math, the students are continuing units in fractions as well as beginning Geometry.  The students will also be reviewing previously taught material so as to prepare for SOLs.

***All third, fourth, and fifth grade collaborative students will be taking NWEA tests.  Please make sure your child gets plenty of rest the night before.***