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Henrico 21 is a repository of high quality lessons and projects that leverage technology in order to enhance teaching and learning. Along with a focus on content, these activities teach and/or allow students to practice various workplace and life skills, including research, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. The above image links to Henrico 21 lessons and projects that I have created, co-created, taught, co-taught, or helped to facilitate.

Henrico 21 Highlights:



Student 21 is a repository of student work from Henrico County schools that serves as an example of the power that technology can have in student learning. Many of the products on the Student 21 blog come from the Henrico 21 lessons that teachers and ITRTs work to plan and implement. The above image links to student work from Moody Middle School, which I have helped teachers and/or students develop/plan/implement.

Student 21 Highlights:



The above image links to “History Matters,” another blog that I maintain. Despite no longer having a history classroom of my own, I still am passionate about history and how it is taught. This blog serves as a repository of unique and interesting media and resources for US History teachers.

History Matters Highlights:



This above image links to my Diigo library, which is shared with my staff and the world.



The above image links to the the videos I have authored within the HCPS Instructional Technology Account. These videos include how-to videos, student reflections, teacher reflections, and classroom action.



The above image links to a number of how-to videos that I have created and housed online for students and teachers.



This image links to my Twitter account, which I use to gather and share resources and communicate with my PLN.

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