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May 29

Note Taking – Handwritten Versus Computer Aided

I received an email from Katie this morning that got me thinking about the way that we teach our students to take notes. Here’s an excerpt from the email: “I’ve always been a huge believer in (wait for it) handwritten note-taking.  Although I haven’t had scientific data to support my contention, I’ve just noticed over …

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May 19

Home Appliance Data Visualization

GE’s Home Appliance Data Visualization provides some interesting data on the cost and energy consumption of different household appliances. You can check/uncheck different appliances to see an updated total of dollars used/energy spent. This seems like it could lead to some interesting math tasks: Create a list of the appliances you/your family uses. If you had …

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May 15

Emojic 8 Ball

Here’s a fun lesson starter for a creative writing activity… Have the students ask the Emojic 8 ball an interesting question. Students receive a response back in emoji form. Students write a paragraph or two describing what the response means. Update: If XKCD is blocked on student computers, have the teacher project the 8 ball to …

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Jan 21

State of the Union in Context

The “State of the Union in Context” tool (Created by Ben Schmidt) allows users to “read Obama’s State of the Union in the context of all the other State of the Union messages given by American presidents.” When the user clicks on a word or highlights a 2-word phrase within the text of the speech, a …

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Dec 10

Chronicle – Visualizing Language Usage of the New York Times

This morning, Gillian sent me an interesting data visualization tool called Chronicle, which visualizes language usage of the New York Times over time. Just type in a term and the tool displays how frequently that word or phrase has been used in New York Times articles over the course of its history:   Click on a specific year and …

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Oct 10

A Modern Tale of Two Cities

This morning, my colleague Jessica asked for some resources regarding A Tale of Two Cities. One of her teachers will be reading the book with her students this semester, and wanted some ideas for helping her classes develop a context for the book since many of the students are unfamiliar with the French Revolution. Additionally, …

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Sep 24

Humor and Persuasion

This morning, after reading a McSweeny’s article and thinking about how it could be used in a History classroom, I came to the realization that the majority of  “news sources” in my Feedly reader are all either satirical or could be considered at least somewhat humorous. After thinking about why that is the case, I started …

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Sep 23

Staying Informed

Thanks to technology, it is easier than ever to stay up to date about current events. One way that I stay informed is by using Feedly, an RSS reader, to subscribe to a variety of blogs, newspapers, and magazines. Feedly allows me to easily access a variety of viewpoints on a diverse range of topics with several easy clicks. …

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Aug 26

“Our Stories”

Now that USI and USII no longer have an end of course SOL, my colleague and I started discussing how excited we are that teachers won’t feel obligated to spend multiple weeks at the end of the school year reviewing the year’s content. In thinking about this new “extra time” at the end of the …

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Jun 19

His Watch Has Not Yet Ended: Jon Snow and the Monomyth (Show and Book Spoilers)

Warning – This post and the links within contain serious “Game of Thrones” spoilers. This post discusses the entire storyline of the series up to the end of “A Dance with Dragons” and it also delves into theories about Jon Snow’s parentage. If you haven’t finished reading/watching the series and/or you are unfamiliar with the the …

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