Sep 23

Staying Informed


Thanks to technology, it is easier than ever to stay up to date about current events. One way that I stay informed is by using Feedly, an RSS reader, to subscribe to a variety of blogs, newspapers, and magazines. Feedly allows me to easily access a variety of viewpoints on a diverse range of topics with several easy clicks.

Along with staying up to date about current events, Feedly (or any RSS Reader) is a great tool for teachers to use to conduct their own professional development. Teachers can follow the blogs of other educators and look for possible lesson ideas, activities, and resources.

But Feedly is not just for adults. With Feedly, students can..

  • Follow a series of articles relating to the same current event and then develop a point of view argument on the topic that uses specific evidence. These written arguments could be submitted to a newspaper/magazine OP/ED and lead to a discussion on citizenship.
  • Compare and contrast articles on the same topic to discuss viewpoint, perspective, and bias.
  • Become more informed about current events for classroom discussions.

I will be facilitating training sessions for Feedly on Tuesday, October 7th and Wednesday, October 8th in the library at various times throughout the two days. These sessions will help you set up your own Feedly account, introduce you Feedly’s tools, and offer you some suggestions of initial sources to follow based on your content area and interests. Please let me know if you plan to attend by filling out this short form.

If you would like to learn Feedly on your own, please feel free to use these directions.

Being informed is an important responsibility of a citizen and a teacher. How are you staying up-to-date?


  1. Hello, I enjoyed the epsdoie as I do them all. Thanks for providing such a wonderful resource and CONGRATS on this milestone. My question has nothing to do with the epsdoie but with sharing digital photos. As the family genealogist, I have amassed tons of family history photos and documents that I have scanned from relatives, culled from online genealogical databases and scanned at courthouses. Understandably people have been requesting copies of the photos. I have no problem in sharing but technically it has been a challenge so I have a backlog of photo requests. Some have accused me of being selfish and hoarding the photos (they say it jokingly but I am sure they totally mean it) and others are just patiently waiting. So my question: My technical problem is that I do not want to just put the jpegs on a cd and call it a day because some of these folks would not know what to do with it or have viewing software that would make it simple. I cannot scrap all of these photos and provide layouts. Even if I did, I would still have the problem of how to create the CD so it would be easy for them to use. What I would like is a way to put the images on a CD along with a simple viewer that can be launched from the CD. I might put a few completed layouts on the CD as well as a few genealogical documents that I have come across. Do you have any suggestions of programs and methods to get these photos to others in a user friendly way. Thanks so much for your help! Chris

    • Andrew on September 23, 2014 at 1:59 pm
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    I love Feedly. It keeps me informed on updates in my field. I even was made aware of this post through Feedly!

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