Feb 07

Blogging: Who Cares?

Who cares about blogging?

These students do:

Blogging – Who Cares? from HCPS Instructional Technology on Vimeo.

I’ve been working with several of Meghan’s classrooms during the past week on a World War I lesson. At its core, the lesson is a written analysis assignment. So, the kids are going to hate it, right? You’d be surprised.

Up to this point in my teaching career, I have never seen students so giddy about the prospect of writing and sharing their ideas with one another. I am seeing students that struggle with writing in other classes type what appears to be three single-spaced pages of text , without once becoming fidgety or distracted during a 90 minute block. I highly encourage you to listen to what these students say about blogging, but if you want the Cliff Notes…

  • The students enjoy communicating and sharing with one another.
  • The blog provides the students with an audience for their work.
  • The students enjoy receiving and providing feedback. (Collaboration…)
  • It’s “easier” than writing with pen and paper. (The student in the video does not say this, but when she uses the term “easier,” I immediately think about how organization, editing, and drafting are more efficient for me in a digital format. I compose much quicker and effectively than I do on paper).

I don’t believe every writing task should be converted to a blog or digital format. Like anything that’s overdone, blogging can quickly lose its luster, and students will need to be able to write with pen and paper in the workplace (Pen and paper practice also provides the students with stamina for when they need to write 30 thank you notes after Christmas or a birthday – or is that just me?). But, blogs can provide students with a medium to share work they have created, provide and receive critical feedback, and reflect on the learning process.

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  1. I am very excited to hear student thoughts and feedback in regards to HCPS blogs! I would love to view the WWI blog that they worked on. Also, I would love to hear what the students wish they could change or add to about blogging on our HCPS blogs. Your feedback to the HCPS blog team is always appreciated!

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