Jun 18

Data Visualization Assignment – Major Civil War Battles

Seeing as the last few weeks of school have involved way too much testing and planning, and far too little instruction for my taste, I decided to take some time today and work on a history lesson for next year. Many of my history teachers say that teaching battles is their least favorite part of a war related unit. I can understand this point of view, as the SOLs really key in on just a couple battles within a war and lack a “big picture” view. That being said, I decided to focus on Civil War battles for my data visualization assignment. I’ve been taking a free course called “Mapping with Google” in my spare time over the past few weeks and decided to use this particular tool as the medium for this particular lesson.

The following documents provide a rough sketch of something I might use in the classroom with my students. I’m not really happy with all of the questions yet, as I don’t think I’m maximizing the power of Google Maps, so if you have suggestions, please let me know (I’ve got a long time before I can use this lesson :)). I also need to create a rubric for the student responses:

This is a screencast that I would use to show my students how to use the new Google Maps in order to complete particular assignment:

Here’s an embed of the map. The map is available for the public to edit, but after a little testing, it does not appear that others can access the formatting tools. In order to really manipulate the data you may need to download the spreadsheet and upload it to GoogleMaps yourself. I’ll look into fixing this issue when I have a free moment.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

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  1. You’ve already got me checking out the new mapping options. That’s slick.

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