Here at Extended Day, we’re putting our money where are mouths are…

SOL 3.8 Students will count a collection of money up to five dollars and solve problems with making change.

IMG_5307 IMG_5308 IMG_5310 IMG_5312 IMG_5313 IMG_5315

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February’s “Student Highlight” goes to a group of students who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to their work during the months of December (our short month) and January. They have exceeded expectations in behavior as well as academia; entering their respected classrooms appropriately, getting right to work, and answering the most questions, correctly, during homework check. CONGRATULATIONS to:

★Chyna Johnson

★Vincent Torrence III

★Latrell Jones


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Cheez-ing About Learning Area & Perimeter

Area & Perimeter- I can measure the distance around a polygon in order to determine perimeter; and count the number of square units needed to cover a given surface in order to determine area.

IMG_5049 IMG_5050 IMG_5051

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Welcome Back!

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I look forward to seeing all of our students tomorrow, as we resume Extended Day!


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Image result for perfect attendance gifCongratulations to the following students for achieving perfect attendance for the first half of our program:

Image result for star bullet pointJanea Bennet

Image result for star bullet pointSimone Bowers

Image result for star bullet pointDevelle Harris

Image result for star bullet pointNicolas Hayes

Image result for star bullet pointLeah Ingram

Image result for star bullet pointJamal McKeithan

Image result for star bullet pointEdyn Preston

Image result for star bullet pointKellen Travers

Image result for star bullet pointZye’Sean Tyler

Image result for star bullet pointQuentin Wright

Keep up the good work!

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An “ARRAY” of Activities

“Students can more readily develop an understanding of multiplication concepts if they see visual representations of the computation process. For example, they can picture students in a marching band arranged in equal rows or chairs set up in rows in an auditorium. These arrangements all have something in common; they are all in rows and columns. An arrangement of objects, pictures, or numbers in columns and rows is called an array. Arrays are useful representations of multiplication concepts.”

I can build and use arrays to model multiplication.

 IMG_4440 IMG_4441 IMG_4442 IMG_4443

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Students that are “ON A ROLL”


Straight A’s

Michael Farley

Edyn Preston

Quentin Wright

A/B Honor Roll

Nicolas Hayes

Leah Ingram

Sean Shiloh

Kellen Travers

Joseph Williams

Alexa Lowrey

Develle Harris

Kaylin Harris

Kayden Neal

Tyler Steele

Terrance Stevens

Lauryn Walters

Simone Bowers

Latrell Jones

Shanundre Williams

Mya Vincent

Adrian Kersey


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How Sweet it is to Learn

“A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest man.” -Willy Wonka

Who can take a sunrise and sprinkle it with dew…well, the Candy Man can! And just like that Candy Man we mix candy with learning and make the world taste good for our students. What sweeter way to learn!



IMG_4109 IMG_4112 IMG_4113 IMG_4115 IMG_4116IMG_4144

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HOORAY for our Parents!!!

Three cheers for our wonderful parents!!!


The third grade team is, reportedly, happy to see that more of the homework is getting completed. Please complete the fluency passage with your student, at home. We would like to see an influx of students, not only complete the report, but document and display their improvement. Recording data enhances your student’s knowledge in SOL. 3.17- Statistics and Probability:

“I can collect and organize data, using observations, measurements, surveys, or experiments.”

Fluency_PP_O_first_plane_trip (1)-page-001

At Extended Day, we take 30-40mins to ensure that the Daily Reading and the Daily Math assignments are completed and correct. If your student comes home with a stamp, their homework is complete and correct! Special recognition is reserved for students that devote their time to focusing and finishing ALL of their homework during Extended Day!


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“Fun-Learning” is the name of the game!

Here at Extended Day, we pride ourselves on making learning fun! With hands-on activities and the use of technology, there is no doubt that our little kinetic-learners will thrive!EnrichmentTechnology


Helping your student at home can be as effortless as you can imagine!

  • See how many math facts your student can answer during a commercial break when the family is together watching their favorite show,
  • When your driving ask what rhymes with the nearest or approaching street name or closest store front,
  • Have a spelling contest with household items,
  • Let your student count your change at the store,
  • Ask what the digital and analog clocks in the house read,
  • ***Read them a bedtime story and ask them about the Reading elements (main character, plot, setting, main idea, etc).

Moreover, make sure that the time that they spend on their electronic devices is time served towards some type of educational enrichment.


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