Star Homework

Star homework allows you to choose how much homework you will do each night. You can choose to do one star or do all three! Here are some instructions and helpful hints for you:

Word Work- Refer to the homework section of your binder for a list of activities. There are also some digital activities in the homework section of our Google Classroom.

Math Practice- Login to, practice with Flash Cards, or play a game from your binder with a deck of playing cards.

Content Review- Study your most recent study guide in your binder (front sheet in study guide section). You may also go to a parent/teacher approved website to learn more about our current unit of study or do some research. Reviewing old study guides would also be great practice!

Google Classroom- Login to your account (from Google Chrome) and work on an assignment in the HOMEWORK section. Please note the expectations for these assignments and follow directions carefully.

Tech Task- Go to our classroom blog ( to find a link to an educational website that interests you. You can also choose an app or site that we have worked on together in class. You should participate in this task (reading/practicing/typing/studying) for at least 15 minutes.

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