Oct 18

Sayonara, Stanley!

We said goodbye to each of our Flat Stanleys this week.  It was hard to see him go, but we know he will enjoy his many adventures. Stay tuned to the blog and our class Twitter account to hear all about the amazing places our Stanleys will visit!  We hope to have them all back at Three Chopt by the end of November.  In the meantime, we will map our Stanleys’ travels out in the hallway on the bulletin board for everyone to see.



Oct 18

How do you blow a bubble?

This past week we learned about writing informational “how-to” paragraphs. It wasn’t as easy as it seemed! Sometimes we left out important details or steps in a process. So we had to practice what it was like to do something step by step. Our assignment was to teach someone how to blow a bubble. And in order to do that, we needed to chew some gum and learn more about the process.  Shhhhhh, don’t tell Mrs. B! 🙂

We wrote our paragraphs using awesome descriptive adjectives and had some fun while we were trying to tell others how to blow a bubble.  Then we hung them out in the hall for the kids who might not know what to do with a delicious piece of chewing gum!


Sep 13

What a GREAT first week it’s been!!

We have had such a wonderful time together this week.  I could tell from the first minute that these kids were eager to learn!  It has been a challenge to have so many students in one room, but they have handled it beautifully.  They have been kind, respectful, and helpful to one another.  They have worked cooperatively, organized supplies, and shared a tight space with one another.  With the news of a split, they handled it maturely and now are all looking forward to continuing this exciting journey in third grade!

To kick off our Scientific Method unit, we learned about what scientists do when conducting experiments.  We also discussed the many tools you may find in a lab or even in a classroom like ours.  The students were so knowledgeable about this topic!  They even knew some of the steps in the Scientific Method.  I was so impressed!  Then the kids were given a task- They had to SAVE FRED!!  Fred was sailing on his ship in the ocean and then it capsized!  He needed his life preserver quick!  The students were tasked with getting the life preserver (gummy life saver) around Fred (gummy worm).  However, they were not allowed to use their hands- only paper clips.  🙂  Here’s how it went:

We constructed a hypothesis, tested it, and communicated our problems and results. Thanks to these brilliant problem solvers, Fred was rescued! 🙂

Aug 09

Welcome to the 2015-2016 School Year!

Hello Third Graders! I am so happy to have the opportunity to work with you and your family. We are going to have a wonderful time learning and growing together this year in Room 111. Our theme for the year is:

I’m looking forward to making new friends and teaching you exciting new things! Let’s have some fun. 🙂

Jan 25

Making Friends Through Friendly Letters

Before winter break, our class learned how to write friendly letters. With all of the technology these days, people are writing fewer cards and letters. Now it’s all about the posting and texting! We discussed the parts of a friendly letter and practiced writing a few. As part of our weekly homework, we chose our favorite food items that we eat all the time. We then researched the addresses of these food manufacturers and got down to business. We composed letters to these companies telling them why we loved their food products so much.

As days and weeks went on, letters starting coming in for the students. We received kind letters, coupons, and samples of our favorite food items. We even received an email from our friends at Frito-Lay asking if they could come and visit our classroom!! On January 21, Chester the Cheetah dropped by with some cool info about how chips are manufactured and packaged. He even brought boxes of our favorite snacks to share! It was a great day!

Dec 09

Array City!

We made a beautiful bulletin board of a city skyline using our wonderful artistic abilities and our comprehensive knowledge of arrays. Each building’s windows represented a multiplication fact! Take a look:

Dec 01

Become a Multiplication Master!!!

Check out this cool multiplication game! Don’t forget- TEN minutes of practice every night. 🙂

Oct 29

A message from our librarian Mrs. Riddick…

Dear Third Graders,
It is time to get your hands dirty! In a few weeks we are going to make carrot muffins. What is the main ingredient we need? Yep, it is carrots. Where are we going to get nice big, fresh, juicy carrots? Our Learning Garden of course. How many carrots will we need? That will depend on how many are needed for the recipe. Sooooo this week I want you to ask your parents and grandparents, aunts and neighbors if they have a delicious carrot muffin recipe they would share with us. Once we have the recipes we can vote on the one to use. Then we will use our superior math skills to figure out how many carrots we need. We will vote and pick the carrots on Monday. If you can get your recipes in by Friday we can vote earlier. You have homework!!!
Mrs. Riddick

Oct 27

Beautiful Biomes

Check out our AWESOME Biome projects that we made today using ThingLink. Move your mouse over the icons in the pictures to read facts about these habitats.

Oct 27

We went BATTY last week!

On Thursday, October 23rd, we were fortunate enough to participate in a distance learning session with the instructors at the Math & Science Innovation Center. The focus of our study was bats!! We used a webcam to interact with other classes in the county and with the teachers at MSiC. It was SO much fun and SO cool to be able to observe real bats. Even though they were no longer alive, we still got to use our five senses to see what an actual bat looks like up close. Here are some pictures from our lesson!