Dec 03

Haley’s Flat Stanley

Haley’s Flat Stanley had a relaxing weekend spent in Virginia
Beach. Plans for early golf on Saturday were cancelled as Flat Stanley slept in
and missed his ride to the golf course. He watched some college football and a
movie though, so the weekend was still fun.

This morning, Haley’s Flat Stanley was up early and rode to the Norfolk Naval Air Station to say goodbye to Justin, Haley’s cousin, as he deploys for nine months to the Persian Gulf. Justin is a Naval Rescue Swimmer in the Navy and this is his first deployment.
He is pictured with the helicopters that will take him and his squadron out to the Truman carrier that is off the coast of New Jersey right now. We got a few other interesting pictures while saying goodbye. We liked the one with President Obama and the other military Commanders.
Justin said he would write an update with
pictures that we can share with the class during the year.

See you soon,

John and Haley’s Flat Stanley

Dec 03

Luke’s Flat Stanley

This past Saturday, Luke Altman’s Flat Stanley participated in a 5K run with his cousin Emma Rae Hopkins. The group is called “Girls on the Run” and they have been training for several months for this race. They all did a great job and everyone crossed the finish line in great spirits.


Dec 03

Elizabeth’s Flat Stanley

Watching tv and playing pool with Uncle Eddie , then trick or treating as a candy corn

Elizabeth's Flat Stanley

Dec 03

Seth’s Flat Stanley

Hey from Natchitoches, LA. Flat Stanley will be traveling back to you tomorrow. Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, I am not sure he will arrive by the 30th of November but let’s cross our fingers.

I have attached a few pictures of him. Yesterday he visited Kaffie Frederick with Seth’s cousin, Clare. Kaffie Frederick is the oldest general store in the state of Louisanna. They still use a cash register from 1910 and the original freight elevator is still in operation. You can see Flat Stanley enjoying himself in the middle of nostalgic toys the store still offers.

He also visited a construction site with Seth’s cousin Brock. This is a future home for Chateau St Denis, which will be a hotel located in the downtown area of Natchitoches.

We have loved having Stanley stay with our family.

Kim Puryear



Nov 23

Some Life Cycle Humor for You!!!!


What makes this cartoon funny? Post in the comment section below. 🙂

Nov 17

Claire’zzzzzzzzz Flat Stanley

Claire’s Flat Stanley is buzzing around with some friends in Clanton, Alabama. Check it out!

Claire's Flat Stanley

IMG_4613 from Tori Filas on Vimeo.

Nov 13

Luke’s Flat Stanley goes South of the Border!

Luke Altman’s Lolly and Poppy decided to take Flat Stanley on a short adventure this past weekend. On Saturday we took him to South of the Border. No not in Mexico but to the popular roadside tourist attraction that is located on I-95 in South Carolina. If you have ever traveled along I-95 in North or South Carolina, I’m sure that you have noticed many billboards inviting you to stop in at South of the Border. It was given the name South of the Border because it is just south of the North Carolina/South Carolina state line. Their mascot’s name is Pedro and he is kind of hard to miss when driving by. It’s a quirky place and we thought it would be a fun adventure for Luke’s Flat Stanley.

We hope you enjoy the pictures and we will be sending some more soon.

Luke’s Lolly and Poppy Parnell


Nov 09

Haley’s Flat Stanley

Hi Girls and Boys,

Haley’s Flat Stanley has been very busy the last week. He traveled to Austin, Texas and enjoyed many interesting sights in the Texas State Capitol.
He traveled back home to Virginia Beach last weekend, but was on the road again Monday, to Washington, DC, our nation’s Capitol. He got home again last night and he is resting up for some more interesting adventures this weekend and next week.

Here are a few pictures of Flat Stanley enjoying his time in Austin, Texas. Stay tuned!

John Boyle and Haley’s Flat Stanley

Haley's Flat Stanley

Nov 01

Luke’s Flat Stanley

Hello Mrs.Filas’s class,

Luke Altman’s Flat Stanley arrived safe and sound in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina. His Lolly and Poppy decided to take him on a little adventure to introduce you to the Murrells Inlet area.

Murrells Inlet in on the beach as well as an inlet. We are also about a half mile away from the Intracoastal Waterway. We decided to explore some of the areas around the inlet.

As you can see from the pictures, Murrells Inlet is known as “The Seafood Capital of South Carolina”. There are many seafood restaurants to choose from. We love to eat at Drunken Jacks. They have the very best fried shrimp.

Down at the inlet you will see fishing boats, kayaks, paddle boards and many watersport activities to choose from. Definitely a great place to live.

Hope you enjoy Luke’s Flat Stanley adventure to Murrells Inlet. We are planning on taking him with us to some other parts of South Carolina in the next few days. We will keep you updated with some more pictures soon.

Thanks for allowing Luke’s Flat Stanley to spend time with us.

Luke’s Lolly and Poppy Parnell


Nov 01

Katelyn’s Flat Stanley

Katelyn’s Flat Stanley sends greetings from the beautiful beaches of California:

The first three are of me at Lopez Lake. The water is very low because of the drought. You can see how low the water is by looking at the lighter colored rock. The othe picture is me at Pismo Beach. Those are California Gulls and the Pacific Ocean in the back ground.
More later,
Your friend,
Flat Stanley