March 2014 archive

Mar 31

Fun times at Henricus Park

Last week, we had an amazing field trip to Henricus Park. Visiting this area to learn about how the Powhatan Indians lived long ago in our beautiful state of Virginia was quite interesting. We were shown how they built their homes, planted their crops, and hunted and gathered the food they ate. We even got …

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Mar 28

Magnificent Meteorology!

This past week Ms. Carrie Rose, CBS channel 6’s meteorologist, came to revisit our Second Grade classes at Three Chopt.  We love when she comes to visit because she teaches us all about weather patterns and the science behind the wet stuff that falls from the sky (and there certainly has been a LOT of …

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Mar 13

Matter REALLY matters!

This week in class we have discussed the three states of matter, along with each of their properties.  We also discussed how matter can change from one state to another.  We even conducted a FUN experiment using baking soda and vinegar to show what happens when a chemical change takes place.  We discovered that the …

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