February 2014 archive

Feb 22

Dakota’s Stanley visits Texas!

Dakota’s Stanley traveled way down south to Texas.  Check out Stanley’s cool hat and stylish Longhorns shirt! Longhorn Stanley  

Feb 22

Jack’s Flat Stanley

Jack’s Stanley visited his hometown of Philly- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that is!  What a exciting trip he had! He got to visit the zoo there and learn about many different animals.  Look at these cool images: Stanley at the Philadelphia Zoo      

Feb 17

Food for Thought

A very powerful infographic for all:

Feb 05

Stanley Tours the US

Court’s Flat Stanley went on quite the adventure with his Uncle Lamar.  Check out some of the photos from Stanley’s travels-  He crossed MANY state borders!! Stanley Around the US

Feb 05

San Francisco Stanley

Good morning Mrs. Filas, ZB and class! First, my apologies. My plane took quite a detour getting to San Francisco! First I went south to Jamaica, then to Brazil, then up to Mexico. I spent a lot of time at different beaches in all those places! Finally I got to San Francisco, and then someone …

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Feb 03

Stanley says Shalom from Israel!

Shoshanah’s Stanley traveled all the way to Israel and back!  Watch this video of Shoshanah’s family taking Stanley on some adventures in the Middle East.  🙂 Stanley in Israel

Feb 02

KidBlog- Just for you!

Hi boys and girls, I have found a really neat site that I think you will enjoy.  I know how much you love to log on to our class blog to see the latest news- So, I have created a student blogging site just for YOU!  Click on the KIDBLOG link on the sidebar to …

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