November 2013 archive

Nov 23

Ohio Stanley

I’m thrilled to announce that one of our Stanleys has arrived safely in Ohio with my friend Mrs. Tryon. She reported that it is VERY cold in Ohio today!  Stanley peeked out of her window and saw snow for the first time.  What did he do?  He ran right outside and tried to make a …

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Nov 22

Tim says…

Hope you have a great weekend!!!!   😉

Nov 21

Richmond Cheetah Cam

Another fun zoo cam-  this one is in our own hometown!  🙂 Richmond Times-Dispatch: Live Video: Richmond Cheetah Cam.

Nov 21

Library Research with Mrs. Riddick

We were fortunate enough this week to be asked to shoot a video segment for Henrico County Education Station to showcase our second grade Map project.  We were very excited!  Thank you to our librarian, Rhonda Riddick, for her help in this endeavor.  Visit the link below to see how we impressed our guests!  🙂 …

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Nov 20

Sayonara, Stanley!

    For the past two weeks, our class has been enjoying the book Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown.  We decided that we wanted to make Stanleys of our own and send them on adventures all around the world.  Our families helped us to find hosts for our Stanleys.  We are hoping these special friends and loved …

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Nov 07

How do you blow a bubble?

This week at school we have been learning about sequencing.  We discussed the importance of putting events in proper order- especially when giving directions or summarizing a story.  We decided to put our sequencing skills to the test with a fun little activity.  Each of the students was given a piece of bubble gum and …

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Nov 05

Parent Teacher Conferences

Parents, I thoroughly enjoyed meeting with you this week. I treasure the opportunity to share the wonderful attributes that your child possesses and tell you about the progress he/she is making in second grade.  Thank you for your kind words and encouragement during our meetings.  Your support means everything- to your child and to me. …

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Nov 01

Bat Day!

Today was Bat Day in Second Grade.  We had so much fun doing internet research, reading about bats, meeting Stellaluna, and creating bats of our own.  We took a bat survey and discussed why we liked bats or why we didn’t.  Counting up the number of mosquitoes that a single bat eats in one day …

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