November 19

Here’s the latest update from Mrs. Patterson with the Coyote Courier.  Enjoy!

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November 12

Here’s the latest edition of the Coyote Courier!  Happy Reading!

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November 5

Conferences are this afternoon and tomorrow morning!  Be sure to come at  your scheduled time.  We are on a tight schedule, so please be on time.  Mrs. Patterson has sent out the latest Coyote Courier–check out what is happening at our school!

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October 29

Here is the latest edition of the Coyote Courier from Mrs. Patterson.  Happy Reading!

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October 25

Tomorrow is the big day!  We are heading out to the Ashland Berry Farm—-rain or shine! :0)  Be sure that you send your child to school with a snack to be eaten before we leave for the Farm and a bagged lunch that is completely disposable.  We will not be carrying anything back with us except our pumpkins!  We will be outside the entire time, so be sure that your child is dressed appropriately for the weather.

It’s been a busy week in our classroom!  We have completed our study of the 5 senses and will be moving on to learning about pumpkins and fall changes.  We will have our Pumpkin Station Rotation Day on Halloween, so be sure to check MySchoolAnywhere for items that you can sign up to send in and available slots to volunteer!  Our Station Day will run from 12:30 – 1:45 PM. Children will be completing hands-on activities with pumpkins all week long!

We continue to work our way through the alphabet!  We have finished up with Dd and Ff and next week we will be starting with Jj and Ww.  Please review letters and letter sounds with your child on a nightly basis as well as the sight word booklet that is in his/her folder.  We have finished our PALS testing for the fall term and scores will be shared with you at parent conferences during the first week of November.  Please be sure to sign upon the SignUp Genius link if you are interested in coming in and come at your designated time.  Our time will be tight—please be on time!

In math, we are continuing to work on numbers and number sense as well as skip counting—there are some great songs/videos on YouTube that can get your child really interested and singing right along with skip counting.

It’s been a wonderful first two months of kindergarten—and I am looking forward to November with your children!

Please be on the lookout for another update toward the end of the weekend with the link to the Coyote Courier sent out by Mrs. Patterson.

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October 22

We had a busy week last week!  Children learned about the letters Yy and Zz, numbers to 5, and we started our unit on the five senses.  We will continue our unit on the 5 senses this week and will have a Sensory Fair in which the children will rotate through several different stations and explore each sense.  Please check out the Coyote Courier link to find out more about what is happening school wide!


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October 12

We had a wonderful week learning about the letters Ll and Cc as well as Columbus and Community Helpers!  The homework that children brought in looks amazing and clearly shows a lot of hard work and planning.  Looking forward to another fantastic week!  In the week ahead, we will be giving the PALS assessments to all kindergarten children.  We are also looking forward to two very special days — October 16th when we have our first visit from the Young Scientists and October 26th when we take our first field trip to the Ashland Berry Farm.  Please check out the Coyote Courier for the upcoming week.


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October 5

We had a wonderful week in Kindergarten learning about fall/seasonal changes and Johnny Appleseed.

Children completed many hands on activities with apples this week and did a simple science experiment in which we cut an apple in half and labeled all parts of the apple.  Children were then asked to create their own cross section on an apple and label it with construction paper.  We also read books about seasonal changes and made an project in which children had the opportunity to create a tree from each season.  These are now displayed in our classroom and look amazing.

In math, we’ve been working on numbers and number order and were able to incorporate apples in many math lessons this week.  A favorite of ours was when we read the book ‘Ten Apples Up on Top.’  After reading the book, children were given a picture of themselves and asked to put the apples up on top of their heads in the correct order from 1 to 10, tracing over the numbers as they added the apples.  In addition to number order, children were challenged to create their own pattern when coloring the apples.  Some patterns that were created were:  ABAB, AAB, AABB, ABC, and even some growing patterns!  Wow!

We are continuing our journey through the alphabet and this week focused on Cc and Hh.  Children are reading books with me, writing sentences, and coming up with rhyming words in our small group time.  Please read these books that come home with your child and remember to remind them to touch each word as they read along.

It has really been a wonderful start to the month of October!  We have met our new Author of the Month, Jerry Pallotta, and the children are thrilled to have him as our Author because he is the author of the ‘Who Would Win’ series of books.  This is a favorite of many children!

This upcoming week, the Book Fair will be held in the Library in the afternoons with a culminating celebration of the Fall Festival on Friday evening from 4:30 – 7 PM.  We look forward to seeing everyone at this annual event.  Below is the Coyote Courier from Mrs. Patterson which is full of many details for the upcoming week!  Be sure to check it out!


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October 2, 2018

What a wonderful first month we have had in Kindergarten this year!  Thank you for sending me such prepared kindergarten learners!  It has been a joy to get to know each one and I continued to be amazed at how well everyone gets along and helps one another whenever the need arises.  It is quite a caring group we have in Room 129!

We have been quite busy during the month of September learning all kinds of things!  Children have been introduced to many letters (B, M, S, R, T, N, P, and G).  We’ve been working on our handwriting on a daily basis as well as identifying letters and producing sounds.  Children have been hard at work reviewing their sight word booklet each time they visit with me in our small group time.  Please continue to review these words on a nightly basis as this is one of the stepping stones for beginning readers to blossom!  Children have been doing a marvelous job of learning the new routines and movement rules as far as our Literacy Station Rotation goes.  I am so proud of them!

In math, we have worked with shapes, sorting/classification, and patterns.  We cover a lot of our math skills during our calendar time each morning –we review patterns, money, tens/ones, hundred chart, ten frames, odd/even numbers, and tally marks—-just to name a few!  Whew—that’s a lot!  We also play a lot of partner games and do hands-on activities during this time.

In social sciences, we have discussed rules, behavior, colors, patriotism, and Fall.  Children have conducted simple science experiments with food coloring and apples.

We are looking forward to another wonderful month of learning here at KES!

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Yearbook Pictures Wanted!

Calling all photographers! Yearbook pictures are needed now! The Yearbook Committee would like to get as many pictures of the entire school year as possible. Group class photos as well as cameos are needed for the class pages of the 2015-16 yearbook. Please submit all photos to Lisha Levin, .

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