Important Updates 

Friday, October 12th

I hope that everyone made it through the storm without much damage!  What an unexpected day off!  With this being said, the students were told several times that they would have their math test on Monday the 15th.  I told them several times to make sure they had their math notebooks in their backpacks so that they could review over the weekend.  The test will cover our whole unit of place value, rounding, comparing numbers and ordering numbers.  Their homework and reading logs will also be due on Monday.

Picture day and Donuts with dad with be rescheduled, however, we do not have any dates for that.  I will let you know when I find out.

You will be hearing from room parents  early next week.  They will be reaching out for help and item donations for our first big activity, which will be on 10/31.  Please be sure to complete a volunteer application if you would like to come in to help with any of our events this year, or chaperoning any of our field trips.  These forms can be found on our school’s website.  If you cannot locate it, let me know and I will send a form to you.

Starting early next week, we will be beginning a new math unit.  Our math unit will cover addition and subtraction of 4 digit numbers, estimation of sums and differences, and word problems.  This unit will be heavy in computational skills and problem solving skills.  We will begin with one step word problems and advance to multi-step problems.

We will also be starting a major social studies unit that will cover maps skills and geography.  We will be gluing in many notes and maps into their social studies notebooks so that they have this as a reference to prepare for the unit test.  I will be telling the children to take their notebooks home nightly in order to review and be prepared for this test.  They must be responsible and make sure that it is put back in their backpack to come back to school, as we will be adding things to it almost daily.

Please check their agenda’s for test/quiz dates as well as my blog page that is updated at least weekly with important dates:

Thanks and have a wonderful weekend!


Friday, October 5th – we have had a busy week of learning this past week.  We continue to learn about animal adaptations in science and will have our final test on Wednesday 10/10.  We have moved on from place value to rounding numbers in math.  Next week we will continue to review place value and rounding and learn about comparing numbers.  There is a unit test on all 3 areas next Friday.  Please see the Upcoming link for all important dates.  Also, as a reminder, students do not come to school on Monday.  Enjoy the long week-end!


It was so wonderful to see everyone who could make it to back to school night last night!  The kids are continuing to make the adjustments necessary for 3rd grade.  We have continued working on rules and laws in social studies this past week and their test is upcoming on Tuesday, 9/25.  On Wednesday we will begin our science unit about animal adaptations.  We have finished with graphing in math and are moving into place value on Monday.

The kids are doing a great job learning how to use their agenda’s, write down homework, and maneuver in a 3rd grade classroom.  Below are some notes involving classroom communication and homework procedures:

Agendas – Great job parents on all the kids having agendas! The kids are responsible for writing their homework and any important communication every morning when they arrive at school (it is written on the board for them to copy).   I also sign off on each day of the agenda, so if you want to jot me a note under the day, this is a great place for quick communication.  I am also expecting the parents to sign or initial their child’s agenda everyday. This is how I know that you have seen what their homework assignments are, as well as any other important communication that you need to know about.

Homework – We started homework this past week.  The kids received  a reading log that is printed on card stock.  They can read 10 – 20 min a night and have a parent sign off on it.  That reading log should be able to get us the whole 1st nine weeks of school and should be kept under the homework tab in the kids accordion folders. The reading logs need to be returned with a parent signature every Friday.   The kids will also get Math and Cursive HW packets each Monday Morning for HW as well.  The packets are labeled with each days assignment. Please do not move ahead as those skills will not have been taught yet, and  I do not want them to do things incorrectly.   I will introduce the cursive letters at school for the week and the kids will just practice the cursive at home.  I will NOT check the whole HW packet (for both Math and cursive) and the reading log, until each Friday.  It is also a way of trying to teach our 3rd graders to become more independent and responsible.  The HW packets should also be kept under the HW tab on the kid’s accordion portfolio as well.

Portfolios –   The kids labeled their own accordion portfolios.  They will be responsible for taking the accordion folders back and forth to and from school each day.  There are tabs for all of their notebooks, so if HW is ever confusing you can refer to the notebooks in their portfolio.  There is also a tab in the portfolio that says “take home” – these are papers that can be cleaned out daily and stay at home.  I will send home work we complete in this folder, that is simply finished classwork that we no longer need but I still want the parents to be able to see.

Tuesday Folders – every Tuesday your child will bring home their blue cubs folder.  We call this our Tuesday folder.  This folder will be filled with graded papers, as well as any other important forms, permission slips, or school information.  Please go through and clean out this folder weekly and return it back to school with your child on Wednesday.