Oct 10

Hello Parents!

Friday, June 8, 2018

As we are coming to a close in our school year together we are having some fun learning activities and review activities along with our “End the Year with a Bang!”.  Today we also had 2 rewards for the amount of money we have raised for our fun run boosterthon!  The children ate lunch in the classroom with the movie Toy Story and they are getting a quick dance party at the end of the day.

We did a super fun science experiment today and worked through the scientific method.  We put mint mentos into diet coke. Be sure to check out the video!   We hope to have another science experiment next week.

If your student has purchased a year book please allow them to bring them to school on Monday as we are going to have a 3rd grade signing time – they do not know this yet – this will be in the balloon we pop for Monday, so keep it a secret!

We are visiting the 5th grade wax museum on Monday and helping to raise money for the Red Cross – we are asking the children to bring any loose change that you may have to give as a donation on Monday.  Thank you!

I am getting some more pictures posted from Market Day yesterday and our experiment that we did today as well so be sure to check them out.  Look at how much they have grown up!!!  Wow!

Wednesday May 30, 2018

Good afternoon everyone,

I wanted to send you some important updates/information regarding the next few weeks:

Field Day:   Friday 6/1; students should wear their red class t shirts and tennis shoes.  They also need to bring if possible a disposable water bottle that can be taken outside and refilled and then thrown away at the end of the day.  If they want to use their regular water bottles, be sure to have their names on it.  Also, please put sun screen on your child at home that morning if at all possible, and send some with your child to reapply.  We will be outside for the majority of the day and want to protect their skin from sunburns!

Market Day:  Thursday 6/7; per the information that went home a couple of weeks ago – they need to have 50 items made and ready to bring in with them.  There were 2 forms that were to be signed and returned to school – the 1st form was due on 5/15 and the 2nd form was due on 5/24.  If I do not receive these forms your child won’t be able to participate during market day activities from 8:30 – 10:00.  This is also being counted as a social studies project grade.

End of year countdown: we have started our end of the year countdown and are going out with a bang!  Each day we pop a balloon that has a secret message inside of a fun activity that we are going to do for that day! Everything is being kept a secret from the students so they don’t know until we pop the balloon that day!   I need your help with donating items to help my going out with a bang a success!  Mrs. Hyler sent out an email to you all and a sign up genius regarding this: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0b45aaa823a6ff2-secret  Thank you so much for those who have signed up to far!  You can start sending in those items with your children and I will keep them here at school to have on our special days!

Fun Run: Friday 6/8 –   this is a fundraising “boosterthon” for our school to help purchase needed reading and music materials for our school.  You can sign up to donate on the website or send in monetary donations with you child.  They will be running after school starting at 6:00pm in the bus loop and then there will be food trucks and activities after the run for everyone’s enjoyment!  Thank you so much to the parents who have already gone on line and signed up to donate!  The students will also be earning classroom rewards based on the amount of money that we raise as we go along from now until next Friday.  You will be seeing emails regarding this forwarded to you with additional information from our school’s PTA.  The program is also encouraging and incorporating important character traits.

Our learning:  our learning will continue on right up until the end!  While we do have some fun activities planned for each day, we are still learning and doing graded assignments.  We will be working our writing and doing a few in school, small group projects.

Thank you all so much for your support this year!  I will continue to update you as we move toward the end of the school year!

Friday May 4, 2018

We have had a wonderful week of learning and reviewing this week!  Our field trip to Monticello was fabulous.  We had the best weather and the children had a great time. Thank you so much to our wonderful parent chaperones for helping to make our field trip such a success as well!   Please check out the photo page for pictures of our day!  I have updated the Upcoming page as well for important dates.

A letter is going home with your children today to explain a little about field day, and you should have received an email earlier today from me that I forwarded to all from our P.E. teacher.  This is a copy of that email:

Good afternoon CTES families!

On Friday, June 1st Colonial Trail will be having our Fired Up Field Day!  This is a great time for students to engage in fun and fitness!  I am sending this e-mail to ask for volunteers for that day.  There are many jobs available for you to sign up for if you’d like to help out!  Please specify, using sign up genius, which job you would like.  I ask respectfully that if you sign up for a job you stick with that job for the entire time you signed up for.  I very much appreciate your help as this will be an amazing day for the students!  Please use the link below to sign up for a timeslot or feel free to e-mail me at taleclair@henrico.k12.va.us

The lunch coverage slots will be for you to watch a teacher’s class while they get a lunch break. You will be watching them while they are doing their indoor stations.

Thank you so much for considering! The more volunteers we have the more amazing this day will be!






Friday April 27, 2018

Important reminders:

  • Our field trip to Monticello is on Tuesday, May 1st – please have your student to school at 7:30.  They need to meet up with me in the cafeteria – we will not be going to our classroom.  Please make sure they have bagged snack and lunch that is disposable.  We will not have a place to buy lunch and we will not be able to carry any bags around with us.
  • report cards will come home on Monday – please do not return them to school until WEDNESDAY due to our field trip on Tuesday – we will not be going to the classroom
  • please check out my upcoming page that contains several important dates
  • Blood drive info below:Dear Cub families and CTES Staff,Giving blood saves lives!Giving blood makes YOU a SUPER HERO!!Please join the CTES Cubs for our annual VA Blood Services Blood Drive!When?   Wednesday, May 9

    Time?    3:30 – 7:00 pm

    Where?  CTES cafeteria

    How?     Visit https://donateblood.vablood.org for an appointment


    email Joannie Reece at jpreece@henrico.k12.va.us




    All donors will receive a voucher for a FREE smoothie from Tropical Smoothie Café!

    Be someone’s SUPER HERO!
    Sign up to donate blood today!

Friday March 30, 2018

Please have a wonderful spring break week!  When we return from break, we will continue with simple machines for the week in Science.  In math we will begin our unit on geometry that will end tentatively on 4/27.  Please see my Upcoming page for all of the important dates of tests and events.  I also need for you to please check in with your children about their need for supplies.  We no longer have a classroom supply of pencils or glue sticks.  Please make sure that your child has these supplies, as well as new notebooks if needed.   Thank You!

Sunday 3/4/2018

Good afternoon parents,

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!  We have a busy week of learning this upcoming week.  We will continue learning about fractions, in particular, how to compare fractions, where fractions are located on a number line, as well as improper and mixed fractions.  In science, we are continuing to learn about cycles. Specifically this week, we will be reviewing the Earth cycle, learning about the tide cycle and moon phases.  We plan to finish this unit and test on Friday, 3/9.  In language arts, we will be reviewing some skills base on overall benchmark assessments.  We will be reviewing some areas of the benchmark test together as a class and practicing more about how to go back into a passage to locate answers to questions, along with how to make inferences.  Please see my upcoming page for dates of upcoming quizzes and tests.

We are kicking off a Papa John Fundraiser this week – please see this information provided by the PTA:

Save money on Papa Johns Pizza and earn money for Colonial Trail Elementary at the same time! This fundraiser starts on Tuesday, March 6th and ends on Tuesday, March 20th.

There are 2 coupon cards to choose from: a $10 card which has a variety of coupons including free pizza, desserts, or sides OR a $15 card which has 16 buy one get one free large pizza codes. The card pays for itself after the first use! They make great gifts for family and friends, too! The best part is CTES will receive up to 70% of the proceeds!

To top it off, the class with the most pizza cards sold will receive a FREE PIZZA PARTY!!! This fundraiser is online only- so please click here and take a look at the attached PDF. This fundraiser only lasts two weeks so order some cards today!!! Thanks for supporting CTES!!


Friday 2/23/2018

Good afternoon parents!

We have had a very busy week this past week with Math benchmark testing, our Social Studies showcase night, and our field trip to the Science Museum of Virginia today!  Thank you to all of our wonderful chaperones for coming today!  The museum was extremely busy today, so I was very grateful for all of the helping hands!!

Our Social Studies showcase night was a big success, and I want to thank all of the parents who came out to see their children present their Famous American projects!  They all worked so hard on their research, projects, and presentations.  They did a great job getting up in front of everyone to present their Famous American!  I was very proud of them!

All of our MAPS and Benchmark testing is completed, so we can finally get back to a full, uninterrupted week of learning next week!  We will start our unit on fractions Monday.  We will be spending about 3 weeks on fractions.  In reading, we will be working on drawing conclusions.  The students will need to be able to use what they know and put it together with what they are reading in the text to draw a conclusion.  We will start a new science unit all about cycles, from plant and animal, to the water cycle and moon phases.  As of now, there are no tests or quizzes scheduled for next week.

Please continue to work with your children on basic multiplication facts 0 – 12.  These need to be memorized!  I know that many of my students have got it already, so keep challenging yourselves to go beyond the 12 facts!  Also, keep reading everyday and reading out loud to someone as well to keep improving fluency.

Can you believe that the 100th day of school was yesterday!  The year seems to be flying by so fast!

Everyone enjoy your week-end!


Saturday, 2/3/2018

Good afternoon parents!

I hope you all are staying warm and having a wonderful week-end!  Where did January go?  Although it was a short month for us, we accomplished so much!  Thank you so much to all of the parents who were able to donate needed items and/or help out with our International Festival Day!  We have a great day of fun.  Please go to my photos page to see your children participating in some of the fun activities.

You will see many important dates in the coming up section.  We will be having reading benchmark and math benchmarks coming in the next few weeks.  They were rescheduled due to all of the missed snow days.  Also, a reminder that parent teacher conferences are on Monday, 2/5.

Academically, over the next 2 weeks, we will be learning about money.  The children need to be able to count a combination of bills and coins to $5 and how to make change.  This upcoming week in reading, we are continuing to learn more about poetry and how to draw conclusions, with more practice on main idea and supporting details as well.  We are back into Social Studies for the next few weeks learning all about Famous Americans.  The students will have an in school project that they will be putting together once we have learned about the Famous Americans, and then presenting their projects on our social studies showcase evening, which is 2/21.  There will be more details forthcoming as we get closer to this date.

A letter was sent home earlier this week regarding Valentines Day.  In case you did not receive it, and to reemphasize, if your child wants to give out Valentines, they must give one to every student in the class and no  food or candy is allowed.  Here is our class list of students:





















Thursday 1/25/2018

Good afternoon parents!

I can’t believe that half of the school year has been completed!  Please check in with your students to see if they needs to refresh any of their supplies.  I know several of them need new notebooks and perhaps folders if they have gotten torn.  Please check the upcoming section of the blog to see all of the things that are happening in February!



Wednesday 1/17/2018

Good evening parents!

I have updated the important dates page on my blog.  Please go to that page to see all of the information about upcoming MAPS and Benchmark testing as well as other important events that are coming up in the next few weeks.  Please know that the dates for testing are subject to change due to weather related issues such as we are experiencing now.  I will keep you updated of those changes as that information comes in to me.

Please have your children get a good night of rest prior to these assessments, as well as a good breakfast prior to coming to school.  These tests are taken on the computer and we are not allowed to have food or drinks near them, so snacks will not be eaten until everyone has finished testing.  Thanks for your understanding!


Friday 12/15/2017

Good evening Parents!  Your children have had a wonderful week of learning and fun!  They have worked really hard this week and had lots of fun making gingerbread houses!  Thanks to our room moms for organizing and planning the gingerbread activity and winter party, as well as Mrs. Oreska – our ESL teacher, my daughter Ashleigh, and her friend Austin for helping the children to make them.  Everyone had great fun!  Check out some of our photos on the blog.

When we return from winter break we will be studying Ancient Mali in social studies and learning division strategies.  Please try to have your students read over the break and work on basic multiplication facts.

Have a wonderful winter break!  Happy holidays!

Mrs. Bryant







Friday 11/17/2017

Happy Friday Parents!

Please check out our new photos from our pumpkin math day as well as our Young Scientist in class field trip.  The children had a wonderful experience connecting with topics that we have been learning about this year in science.

Reminder – our field trip is Monday – please send you child dressed warmly with a coat as much of our day will be spent outdoors.  Also please send their lunch in paper or plastic that can be easily disposed of.  We do not want to keep up with lunch boxes.

Snacks should be healthy foods rather than cookies and sugar treats please!  We also continue to have water spills from tops being left off of water bottles, or not put back on properly.  Please send in water bottles that will not spill as this can be very distracting to our learning.

Have a great week-end!

Friday 11/10/2017

Happy Friday Parents!

We have had a fabulous week or learning and practicing for our Veteran’s Day assembly.  Your children did an outstanding job during today’s performance.  I hope that for those who were able to attend, that you enjoyed it as much as I did.  Your children have worked very hard to prepare for their performance today!

We started our multiplication unit today.  We will be working with the numbers 1,2,5 and 10 for the next 2 weeks to learn many different strategies of multiplication.  In science we are learning more information about ecosystems.  In reading next week we will be focusing on story elements.  We will be working on narrative writing next week and learning more about editing and revising our work.

We have an in class field trip on Tuesday 11/14 through the Young Scientist.  We also will be going on a field trip 11/20 to do a river walk at the Historic Tredegar visitation center.


FRIDAY 11/3/2017:

Happy Friday Parents!

We have had a full and fun week of learning in room 100!  On Monday we had an awesome interactive lesson all about bats with the MathScience Innovation Center along with several other classes simultaneously on line.  On Tuesday, we had great fun with our pumpkin math.  Thanks so much to our room parents as well as the parents who donated items or their volunteer time to help make our lesson a success!

A field trip permission form is coming home with your students today for our next field trip on 11/20 to Tredegar Visiting Center.  Please return the permission form with the $7 by next Friday 11/10..

Please, please send your child with spill proof water bottles that they can refill.  We have had numerous water bottles spilled this week because tops have been left off of them, or are not put back on correctly.  I appreciate your help with this as it not only causes a mess, but distracts from our learning time.

I am looking forward to meeting with you all next week!  I am completely booked on Monday the 8th from 3:00pm until 6:30pm.  If you were not able to get into a slot, please email me and we will set up another date and time for next week!



Happy Friday!

We have been working hard this week on our computation and estimation in math and I am so excited to say that the students are using their strategies and doing such a great job!  We will continue to work on this skills and add word problems next week.  The quiz is on Friday, 11/3.

We began reading groups this week and are working on nonfiction text features.  The students have enjoyed doing a “scavenger hunt” in magazines and newspapers and then making a collage of these features in partner groups.  We will continue working with this next week.

In social studies, we have been reviewing the continents and oceans and learning map skills.  they have a quiz on Tuesday and we will continue working on map skills for the remainder of the week.

.  I still have some students forgetting to have agendas signed and returned back to school, as well as turning in homework and reading logs.  If your child “forgets” his/her homework I will accept it a day late and the grade will be lowered to a B, so please make sure they are sending in homework and reading logs to avoid getting a 0 for a homework grade.

I am looking forward to seeing many of you on conference day, Monday, November 6th!  I still have a couple of slots left if you want to click on this link to still sign up: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/5080448a8a922a1fc1-fall

We also have 2 days of fun activities for the students next week.  Monday is a surprise lesson.  Tuesday is Pumpkin Math – we are still in need of a couple of volunteers to help out with this activity during our math time – this is the link to sign up to help if you can or donate 1 more pumpkin – see the sign up at this link: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0b45aaa823a6ff2-classroom



Happy Wednesday from Room 100!  I am so excited to have my blog up and running!  You will have updated information here weekly and from time to time I will post pictures of special events such as our field trip from Monday!  The kids had a wonderful time making simple machines out of legos and then putting them into motion with simple computer programming!


See below to see what we are currently working on the rest of this week as well as next week:

Reading – Nonfiction text features

Math – computation and estimation

Social Studies – Maps and Globes

We have an exciting SURPRISE lesson for the class on Monday!  I can’t wait!!

Pumpkin math will be next Tuesday 10/31