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Make a Cameo with Vimeo

It’s been over a month since my last post. Boo. What a great day to get my next post out there though! My day was just made today!! I can’t wait to make a Cameo with Vimeo!

A couple months ago, my man Doug Saunders ran across a cool app called YouTube Capture. You basically download this app on any iOS device, and you can easily capture, edit, and share videos on your YouTube account.  As cool as this app is, YouTube is blocked on my district’s server. I quickly retweeted Doug’s initial tweet about his blog post jonesing for Vimeo to come up with their own app:

Vimeo is not blocked on my district’s network which makes it really easy to quickly make and share videos with students in the classroom. Minutes later, I got a reply from the Vimeo Staff: (This is one of the many reasons why I exclusively use my Vimeo Pro Account for all my video uploads and shares.)

cameo2Little did I know, Vimeo had bought the Cameo App, one of Apple’s best Apps of 2013, back in March 2014, and today, I got an amazing email from Vimeo stating they had updated the App making “Cameo & Vimeo officially BFFs.” Not only does this update include Vimeo integration, but there are all kinds of themes and a redesigned soundtrack selection experience to help make awesome videos.

I seriously cannot wait to start making movies either recording videos directly in the app or choosing pre-recorded videos in the Photo Collection already on my phone. One of my favorite parts about the app: It prevents people from suffering from Vertical Video Syndrome!


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