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31 Days Left to Build Relationships!

The end of the school year is rapidly approaching. Its a time when many teachers and students are excited and counting down to summer break!

On the other hand, it is also a time when many of our students are NOT excited about the summer because school is safest and most comforting place for them. NOW is when they need us the most! This is the perfect time to reinvest that relationship building time with your students to finish the year on a high note! My principal, Rebecca Roper, ran across this great idea from Jessica Johnson on Twitter, and we fixed it up for the rest of Donahoe’s school year to help our staff come up with some quick ways we can continue to build those relationships with our students to finish out the year. You can check out the PDF here.

We have 31 days left this school year. 31 days left to make a difference in our students lives. 31 days left to show our students we really care about them. 31 days left to let our students know they aren’t just a test score. 31 days left to finish the year on a high note. 31 days left to be that amazing teacher we know you can be!  Let’s make it happen!!!

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