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Classroom Concert Ticket for the 1st Day of School

Getting the hottest ticket in town for the big concert that’s coming is always exciting. To be one of the select few that got a ticket to that sold out event is always a rewarding time. A huge venue for a concert may have 45,000 tickets for that event. That being said, tickets to your classroom event are limited to a very small 20-25 seats! Why can’t we make it exciting for our students to receive one of these most coveted tickets of the year?? Those tickets would be exponentially harder to get!

Why not create your own tickets to your classroom “concert” and get your students pumped for the upcoming year. In steps http://faketicketgenerator.com!  This site is extremely easy to use. Simply input the information you’d like to appear on your classroom concert ticket in the text boxes on the left of the screen and click “Make My Ticket!” button. The site auto generates your information and creates a .jpg image. Right click the image to save, and your done. To make it even more personable for each students, you can click the back button and customize your Row and Seat numbers to your students’ alphabetical number many teachers assign for organizational purposes.

How awesome would it be as a student to receive a letter from your teacher before the first day of school receiving your “Sold Out” exclusive ticket to the classroom concert of the year.  You could even pass them out to the students at Open House/Fee Night before the first day as well. Building that 1st day excitement of “this is the place everyone wants to be” is a great way to start building those positive relationships within your class.

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