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LEGOs, Engagement, and Ed Sheeran?

I ran across this awesome video about Ed Sheeran and how he made the biggest song of 2017, “Shape of You.”  If you aren’t a big Ed Sheeran fan, just skip ahead to the 2:30 mark of the video below.  Sheeran, along with his team, worked for an hour and a half making this song and trying to perfect it, but from past experience with working with Sheeran, his colleague, Johnny McDaid, knows that his attention span while working can be fairly low. To combat this low attention span, Johnny realized that he could bring in a suitcase full of Legos for Sheeran to play and build with to help keep him on task and motivated to create magic!

How often do we see this in our classrooms? So often we try and snuff out these “off task” behaviors that could be ultimately holding back our students’ creativity and greatness. Now, I’m not saying we need to all have suitcases of Legos ready to go for kids to build with while we are teaching the greatest common factor in math, but as educators we should be trying to figure out what these students’ “Legos” are to help them create the magic in your classroom.

We want our students to be engaged and passionate about their learning, so in turn we need to help them find the reason and passion to WANT to be at school everyday. So many teachers feel confined to the strict curriculum that has been handed to them, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun and engaging everyday.  As Hope and Wade King said in their book, The Wild Card, “you have to teach standards; that’s a given. But standards don’t determine how you deliver the content—it’s the delivery method that drives the engagement.”

Find that spark that will keep all students engaged throughout the whole day. Find those “Legos” to help keep them on task and make magic everyday!

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