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Word Problem Haikus

April is #NationalPoetryMonth, so why not try a fun lesson with poetry AND math?! Try integrating Haikus into your Math Unit! Many times I see students struggling to come up with an idea for a poem, such as a haiku. Writing Haikus has just taken on a whole new purpose with trying to write word problems in the form of a Haiku. The best part about it–they don’t necessarily have to be solved. It’s just another way to get students thinking outside the box in writing.

Have your students tweet out their best and tag #wordproblemhaiku!

Here are a couple I came across on Twitter that were intriguing:

My dog’s bandana
Folded into a triangle
What’s the area?

Bought a nice fishtank
We could find the volume, or
Fill it with a hose.

Two trains traveling
One east, one west; different speeds
When will they collide?

Sides of three and four,
what is your perimeter**?
I sure hope you’re right.
**It was originally hypotenuse, but I changed it for my elementary kiddos

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