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Find your Back to School Motivation

CRO_money_SS_retailer_reward_Target_logo_11-13Back to School is right around the corner! This is the time when educators really start hearing and seeing amazing motivational speeches to get them pumped for the upcoming year. One of my favorite educational based motivational speeches comes from Rita Pierson titled Every Kid Needs a Champion. If you haven’t seen this one, I highly suggest watching it. You will be moved to tears and ready to jump into the classroom and make a difference! Check out the following link to watch more great Educational TED Talks.

This is the best thing about motivational speeches – They can come from anywhere! That being said, you still probably wouldn’t think of the retail store Target when it comes to motivational speeches. In steps an employee named Scott. Just prior to Target’s 2014 Black Friday Opening this guy jumps up on a checkout line and delivers an epic 55 second speech right before turning to the doors yelling, “Let them in!” Check it out:

Now this speech was a little silly for a retail store opening, but what’s really awesome to me is that he had all of those other employees’ attention. That last push to get them pumped for what was about to happen is inspiring. I know if I was working that night at Target I would be fired up to work as a team and as a family to take on the opening that was about to come.

I find myself looking for more of this in education. We as educators should feel a sense of duty to want to motivate our students like this. More often than not, we simply expect our students to fall in line and just do the task laid before them, and then wonder, “Why are they so tired and bored?” We need to find ways to engage and inspire our students to take ownership of their learning. Just as Scott showed us, we all need a little motivating to complete the upcoming task at hand. We need to lead our students with a sense of contagious optimism and encourage a meaningful, common vision. This will lead to students becoming accountable for their learning and see it as a lifelong journey and not something to simply keep them busy. It will lead to them wanting to eagerly complete assignments. Students must be given the opportunity to maximize their potential, and they should be inspired to do so. We need to bring the excitement, the enthusiasm, and the fun back to the classroom, and if it takes a little “Checkout Stand Motivation,” I am all about it! What will your “This.Is.Target!” moment be to start the year??

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