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How Will You End Your Year

Learning+word+splashYears ago, when I taught 3rd grade, I was never fully satisfied with the various ways I ended my school year. Too many times, after an amazing year of incredible experiences and powerful relationships, it just seemed…anti-climactic. I hated it. It bothered me. The bell rang, they walked out, and I felt that I missed an opportunity to do something with real impact.

My last years in the classroom I knew something had to change. We did all kinds of projects the last weeks of school, and one of my favorites was a Claymation project. I didn’t fully know what I was getting myself into, but I jumped in the deep end, the kids stepped up, took ownership, and they really came up with some amazing final products. Here are couple examples from two groups if you’re interested…




I didn’t fully know the impact this made until recently when a couple former students randomly reach out to me and told me they loved making these projects and missed being in my class. It was truly a rewarding moment. I was simply coming up with some engaging lessons that at least I, myself, would have fun with, and it hit home with some students a lot deeper than I expected.

I want your last moments with your students to be powerful, too! As the year is coming to a close it is important that we continue to deliver those meaningful and engaging lessons. I know that sounds cliché but every moment we have with our students is a chance to make an impact on their learning. So, how will you end your school year in a way that is worthy of the significance of these last moments?

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