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Vowel Surgery!

IMG_3240Is there a Word Doctor in the house?! Yes! There are 14 kindergarten doctors in Ms. Neff’s class!  The Neff Hospital was full of “CVC Patients” who required immediate surgery to complete the words!

The little doctors at Neff Hospital had to use their knowledge of word families and letter sounds to complete CVC words. They carried their “patient charts” around the room, and they had to perform vowel surgery on their “word patients” who were missing their medial short vowels. Students looked at the pictures accompanying the word, sounded out the word determining the missing vowel, and using the surgery tools, “healed” the patient and updated their patient chart.

It is so refreshing seeing amazing teachers at work. Ms. Neff took a basic language arts skill that could be done with a simple worksheet, and she turned it into one of the most engaging kindergarten activities I’ve seen. Not only did the students have the opportunity to enhance their learning in content, but they were overly excited to build their words! Check out some amazing pictures from today’s lesson!

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