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4D Periodic Table of Elements

IMG_5320Over the past 2 years, I have been obsessed with Augmented Reality in Education, and trying to find ways to engage students and make learning fun. I was able to present on Aurasma at the FETC Conference, and you can find my presentation here.

While at the conference, I found about about another Augmented Reality company called Daqri. Apparently, you can do many of the same things with Aurasma, but I have yet to dive into it.  That being said, they do have an app out that would be great for teaching students about the periodic table of elements. It is called Daqri Elements 4D. This website has tons of PDF lessons plans for elementary, middle, and high school students made by teachers that you can implement into your curriculum.  All you need to do is download the Elements 4D App and the Periodic Table of Elements Cubes. The cubes are inside the lesson plan PDFs, so just download the level you want.  Using the App, scan certain sides of the cubes, and you will get a 4D view of what the element looks like! Even better, when you put scanned cubes together that would make a molecule, it shows the actual molecule and name! I recorded a video using the app below. Check it out for visual, and then download the lesson plans and engage those students!

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  1. Saw this at FETC as well and loved it! Can’t wait to learn more about augmented reality. I will be sharing. Thanks, Jeanine

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