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Multiplication Array City!

I love finding all kinds of fun ideas for my teachers out on the web. I live on Twitter getting rock star ideas from my PLN. I also venture out into other realms of Educational Blogs, Pinterest, Teachers Pay Teachers, Google+, Facebook, and so much more. Although there are so many educators to follow world wide, sometimes we forget that there are outstanding educators right in our own backyards doing amazing and engaging activities with their students everyday!

Tori Filas, a third grade teacher at Three Chopt Elementary, is constantly doing a awesome activities with her students.  I had the pleasure of working with Mrs. Filas last year as an ITRT, and whether we were doing lessons together or not, I found myself gravitating into her class just to feel the energy and passion she brings everyday.

When I taught third grade, we would make a HUGE multiplication array chart in the hallway when we started our multiplication unit. The students had so much fun making it every year. Yesterday, Mrs. Filas posted a picture of a fun bulletin board idea: Array City! I thought this was brilliant. It takes the big array chart idea that I used to do, but adds a real world connection on arrays. Her students will never look at windows on houses and buildings in the same way any more. They will forever be connecting multiplication arrays out in the real world. Not only this, but she also got a sweet bulletin board made by students out of the project!  Check it out!



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