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FETC 2015 – Make Connections and My Presentation!

IMG_5214This week has been a blast here in Orlando, FL attending the 2015 FETC Conference.  I have been to many local and state conferences, but this national conference, by far, is one of the most informative in the world of educational tech conferences.  Technically it is labeled a edtech conference, but just learning and growing as an educator as a whole is one of the best parts about this conference. I have really enjoyed reconnecting with so many people and Twitter-ers I follow and met last year.  Some of my favorites that I have run into are @TechMinock, @Techbradwaid, @cybraryman1, @web20classroom, @tomwhitby, @adambellow, @teachertate, @lesliefisher, @teach42, @kathyschrock, @shannonmmiller, @rushtonh and so much more. This list could literally be pages and pages long. Simply go to Twitter and search the #FETC hashtag to find them!

My favorite part of the week was being honored to present!  For my presentation, I showed many different Augmented Reality Apps and concluded with showing the fully customizable Aurasma App.  Aurasma, is fully customizable and not bound by the one note features the other apps seem to have.  Now, I’m not saying the other apps discussed are bad apps. That being said, many of them would require a little out of the box thinking to use them effectively in the classroom, and the use of the Aurasma App is only bound by your imagination.  Check out my presentation below!  Feel free to comment or email me and ask any questions you may have! If you aren’t in to looking through Prezi Presentations, you can at least download my Aurasma 101 Directions PDF that will walk you through how to use and make your own!  I have also included Tips, Tricks, and Ideas within the PDF on how you can use it in the classroom!  Enjoy!

Aurasma 101 – Directions, Tips, and Classroom Ideas!


  1. I LOVE using Aurasma in the classroom! Thanks for your tips for more ways to incorporate this technology into the groove.
    Have you noticed any issues with the app and the IOS8 update? I find that several of my devices won’t allow the app to scan at school 🙁 Still my favorite…just have to decide which devices will work with it 🙂

    • I haven’t had any issues scanning yet. Aurasma has recently updated some of their products, so hopefully that will fix it. That is the one thing I do love about this app and company – they are constantly trying to improve their product!

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