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Relationships are the Revolution

I’m writing this post in response to another inspiring post from Ben Rimes and because of a quote I borrowed from Derek Muller‘s latest Educational Video: “This Will Revolutionize Education” While I do agree with many points that Derek makes, I don’t think technology is “the silver bullet.”  I do agree that if used correctly it can help steer students’ behaviors towards education, and I do think Derek was getting to the point of the teacher and student relationship.

Our relationships we build with our students will be “The Revolution.”  It’s not about the strategy, the shiny new technology, the best new research – It is all about the relationships we build with the students.  Everything we do has to focus on what is best for the students.  That is why we are here.  Our students need to be engaged and having fun in school.  Students will only fully achieve their potential when they want to do well. I made the following “Promises of Practice Ignite” for my Instructional Leadership Internship last week. Derek Muller‘s video definitely inspired parts of my Ignite, but without relationship building and students wanting to work for the teacher and themselves no technology will never revolutionize education.

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  1. Nice Ignite presentation! As a techie, the audio was pretty good, and as an educator I’m glad to see you get to have a lot of fun with students in the classrooms you serve. I rarely get time to enjoy that sort of relationship building.

    As for Derek’s post, relationships are key! SO glad this message is resonating across the edublogosphere! I only hope that it isn’t glossed over when Apple/Google/Microsoft releases the next “must have” gadget. Even with strong relationships, I’m wondering if technology is enough to revolutionize what it is we do to educate, but at least you’re in a better position to try 🙂

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