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AirScanner – Wireless Document Camera

AirScannerLeave it to Doug Saunders to find something awesome again!  AirScanner is FREE today (and has been for days – usually $4.99) for iOS. This app is amazing! Once you download and open the app, there is a “numbered website” that you enter into any web browser. Simply use that app that is access your camera and show whatever you content you want with your device.  No longer are you tied to your document camera or (yikes!) your overhead projector at the front of the classroom.  I will have to say is a tad laggy, so I wouldn’t suggest trying to who a lot of movement, but rather still images, manipulatives, or work from students at their desks would be an awesome use. I had fun playing with it for a second this afternoon making the never ending computer screen!  You’ll notice that the website you enter into any web browser is at the bottom of the screen.  What other fun uses do you see for this app?


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