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Send it Anywhere!

sendanywhereI just ran across a great website and app thanks to my man Ryan Stein! The website is called Send Anywhere. This is an extremely helpful website that allows you to transfer any size file from your computer, iOS, or Android to any other computer, iOS, or Android device. Users don’t have to deal with files being too large for email or needing wires to hook up your device to your computer. So basically, send it anywhere!

All users need to do is simply go to https://send-anywhere.com and click the “+ Add Files” button.  Once you find and open the file you want to send click the “↑ Send Files” button.
sendWhat happens next is amazing.  You will get a box that pops up with a QR Code and 6-digit numerical code.  This two codes will stay active for 10 minutes for any receiver to use to download the file. There is even a little countdown timer that lets you know how much time is left. The receiver for the file can either go to the website and enter the 6-digit code to automatically start downloading the file, or the receiver can use any QR Code reader to scan the QR Code and automatically download the file.  **Note** The user will need to have downloaded the Send Anywhere App onto their iOS or Android device to download the file using this method.
receiveUsing Send Anywhere can be a quick and easy way to get any files and pictures your students make on your class iPads to a computer. Simply go to the website or use the App on the iPad, upload the file you want, and then download the file to your computer. Happy sending and receiving files!

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