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Digital Storytelling with The 4 Icon Challenge!

Looking for a fun digital storytelling idea? This is for you! The basic idea of the 4 Icon Challenge is to take a story, novel, historical event, content topic, etc. and summarize it using only for basic pictures or icons. These four pictures represent the main events that happened on the topic that is being discussed. I found this idea a few years back on the ds106 website and from Kyle Tezak’s website. The example below is a 4 Icon Challenge from the famous children’s book Where The Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak. This is a favorite children’s book of mine, so I had a bunch of fun making this example. I used the drawing tools in Keynote to create my images. The second example was done in Pixie by a former student on the different types of pollution: air, water, noise, and land. In all honesty, this doesn’t necessarily have to be done on the computer.  I think students using crayons, markers, or colored pencils first to get the hang of the project could be a great way to start!

Make sure you check out the ds106 website for more digital storytelling assignment fun!

Wild Things 4 Icon Challenge


4 Icon Challenge


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