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Flat Stanley Aurasma Project

During this school year, I have really enjoyed going over to Kaechele Elementary School about once a month to help teach and integrate the Augmented Reality App, Aurasma into some classrooms.

Mrs. Hyman, the school librarian and information specialist, took the same Flat Stanley Project that most schools do to the next level. As usual, each student had to design their own Flat Self. This is where the similarities ended. Mrs. Hyman had each student create a video including the following:
1. Introduce themselves and their flat self
2. Go through their winter break adventure sequentially, showing their pictures and drawings
3. Wrap it up with a conclusion

After the students completed their projects, Mrs. Hyman used the studio.aurasma program to make the over 100 auras for all the 2nd grade students. The coolest part about this project is that Mrs. Hyman has connected with the infamous Shannon Miller, Teacher Librarian & Technology Integrationist, from the Van Meter School in Iowa. This amazing librarian is completing the same project with her students. Once completed the schools are going to send their Aura Filled Flat Stanleys to each other for the students to scan and meet each other.

We’ve missed a lot of days because of snow the past few weeks, so if Mrs. Hyman has enough time, the next part of the assignment will be to take the Stanleys on a school adventure around Kaechele Elementary giving a tour of their favorite spots. The students will take a picture using the iPads while on the tour, and write about the school adventure. Once completed all the information and pictures will be compiled together into an eBook using Flipsnack, so both schools can see what their Flat Stanleys were up to during their visit to the host schools!

Interested in trying out Aurasma’s studio.aurasma to start creating your own Augmented Reality? Check out this Aurasma 101 Directions I put together.

Check out this quick video clip showing some of the creation from the beginning of the project! So fun!

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